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NFL · 2 months ago

Bills’ Surge Meets Dolphins’ Determination: Who Will Reign?



Bills’ Surge Meets Dolphins’ Determination: Who Will Reign?

The Buffalo Bills have been a topic of conversation for the past couple of weeks, especially after their notable performance yesterday. Their resurgence on the field has captured attention and sparked debates about their upcoming matchup against the Miami Dolphins.

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In Week 1, the Bills faced an unexpected setback, raising eyebrows and drawing criticism. Sometimes, the immense love and support from the Buffalo community might create a perception of invincibility, leading the team to think they’re unbeatable. That early-season stumble might have been the reality check they needed. Historically, the Bills have shown mixed results at the start of the season. While they secured a victory over the Los Angeles Rams last year, they faced a disappointing loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers the year prior.

However, the past weeks have showcased the Bills’ prowess in claiming victories against teams they are expected to defeat. This pattern puts them in good stead and emphasizes the gravity of their upcoming clash with the Dolphins.

The matchup is significant, not just due to the history but also given the backdrop of their playoff encounter last year. With Tua Tagovailoa sidelined and replaced by Skyler Thompson, the Dolphins couldn’t beat the Bills. This year, the Dolphins have undoubtedly marked their calendars for this rematch.

From a betting perspective, the Bills enter this game as 2.5-point favorites. Surprisingly, this high-stakes game didn’t secure a prime-time slot, especially given the choice to feature Zach Wilson and the New York Jets instead.

This week’s game promises intensity, skill, and a thirst for victory. As the Bills aim to continue their upward trajectory, the Dolphins seek redemption. One thing is sure: this is a game that neither the team nor their fans will take lightly.

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