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MLB · 18 days ago

Bird’s Eye View: the Orioles’ Rise in the American League



Bird’s Eye View: the Orioles’ Rise in the American League

As the American League’s leading team, the Baltimore Orioles remain in prime position with a three-game advantage over their closest competitor. Yet, amid all the chatter surrounding the AL West’s race for the wild card spots, one can’t help but notice: Is the Orioles’ consistent performance being overshadowed?

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The Orioles have showcased their prowess in recent games by winning eight out of their last ten matches. Their performance secures them a spot as the team with the second-best record in MLB. While discussions around this achievement are prevalent, the Orioles are not getting the recognition they deserve. While they might not boast the star-studded lineups some teams flaunt on a nightly basis, they’ve built a roster filled with outstanding players.

Austin Hays, for instance, was relatively off the mainstream radar until the unfortunate injury of Felix Bautista. Hays and Bautista’s dynamic duo was a force to be reckoned with. Besides their exceptional players, the Orioles’ pitching staff has notched impressive strikeouts, showcasing their depth and skill.

Undeniably, the spotlight in their division has historically focused on the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. However, a paradigm shift has been evident over the past few years, directing more attention to teams like the Tampa Bay Rays and the Orioles.

Considering the current trends and the performance chart, there’s little room for debate that the Houston Astros and the Baltimore Orioles are the frontrunners in the American League. Given their outstanding gameplay, a baseball enthusiast’s dream would be a showdown between these two in the ALCS.

While the Orioles might not be making the loudest noise in the MLB, their consistent and solid gameplay is hard to ignore. They’ve repeatedly proven that teamwork and skill, rather than flashy stars, make a team truly great.

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