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NCAAF · 2 months ago

Breeding Competition: Buffaloes HC Deion Sanders Power Ranks his Kids



Breeding Competition: Buffaloes HC Deion Sanders Power Ranks his Kids

Deion Sanders, commonly referred to as “Coach Prime,” has always been a force to be reckoned with in the realm of sports. But it’s not just on the college football field where Sanders flexes his competitive muscles.

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No, we’re not delving into college football rankings this time.

Instead, we’re peeling back the curtain on something a little more personal – how Coach Prime ranks his children in terms of admiration. It’s a testament to Sanders’ playful and spirited nature that he manages to bring elements of competition into his own family.

His ‘power rankings’ are not based on their achievements in sports but rather on personal attributes and endeavors.

Coach Prime’s Children Power Rankings

  1. Deion Sanders Jr.
  2. Shelomi Sanders
  3. Shedeur Sanders
  4. Deiondra Sanders
  5. Shilo Sanders


Taking the top spot is Deion Jr., his son. The fact that he carries his father’s name might suggest some favoritism, but Coach Prime’s admiration extends beyond that. He lauds his son’s adeptness at social media, showcasing a strong and engaging presence.



Holding onto the second and fourth spots are his lovely daughters, Shelomi and Deiondra. Their achievements and personalities clearly leave a mark on their father’s heart.

Nipping at their heels is his Colorado Buffaloes starting quarterback and Heisman hopeful, Shedeur, at the third position. Given Sanders’ dynamic nature, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Sha climb up those rankings soon.

And rounding out the list? The dark horse who recently had two turnovers in the Colorado State game, son Shilo, star safety for the Buffs. Given his performance, there’s potential for movement up the ranks. The family is surely awaiting Coach Prime’s next update, and so are we!

On a lighter note, we’ll keep an eye on the AP polls later this week. Will Sanders’ familial rankings influence college football in some mysterious way? Only time will tell!

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