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NFL · 17 days ago

Browns TE David Njoku Could Have a Quiet Day vs. Steelers



Browns TE David Njoku Could Have a Quiet Day vs. Steelers

The Cleveland Browns are facing a significant shift in their offensive strategy following the recent news about Deshaun Watson. Watson’s injury, a broken bone in his shoulder requiring surgery, leaves a gaping hole in the Browns’ passing game. With Watson out, the focus shifts to Dorian Thompson-Robinson (DTR) or PJ Walker, but neither instills overwhelming confidence in their ability to lead the passing offense.

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This situation brings David Njoku into the spotlight. Njoku had an impressive outing against a formidable Baltimore Ravens defense, recording six receptions for 58 yards on nine targets. However, with the quarterback change, his role might see significant alterations. The Browns, known for their adaptability, are likely to pivot towards a more run-heavy offense, especially considering the injuries to their offensive tackles.

The shift to a running game necessitates a change in the utilization of tight ends. While competent in blocking, Njoku is not primarily known for this skill. The Browns must emphasize pass protection and may bring in more blocking-focused tight ends. This adjustment could mean that Njoku, known for his receiving abilities, might see a change in his on-field responsibilities.

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Additionally, the Browns are expected to adopt a strategy involving max protection, potentially leading to shorter passing routes. Receivers like Amari Cooper and Elijah Moore might find themselves as the primary options on the field, with the team possibly limiting the number of receivers in play to strengthen pass protection and run support.

Another strategic consideration for the Browns is to exploit the Pittsburgh Steelers‘ vulnerability against the run. Aiming to run the ball around 35 times could be a key tactic in their upcoming matchup, aligning with their strengths and compensating for the current limitations in their passing game.

The Cleveland Browns are at a juncture where adaptation and strategic ingenuity are crucial. The absence of Deshaun Watson presents challenges, but it also opens up opportunities for other players to step up. The team’s ability to pivot to a run-heavy approach while effectively using their tight ends and receivers in a revised offensive scheme will be critical in their upcoming games.

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