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NBA · 14 days ago

Can Barnes or Thomas Challenge Tyrese Maxey for Most Improved?



Can Barnes or Thomas Challenge Tyrese Maxey for Most Improved?

As the NBA season unfolds, the Philadelphia 76ersTyrese Maxey emerges as an early yet striking favorite in the Most Improved Player betting market, boasting odds that are truly exceptional for November. FanDuel Sportsbook has him pegged as the frontrunner at a heavy +100, a rarity at this juncture of the season for a season-long honor.

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While Maxey stands out, the field remains competitive with Scottie Barnes at 5 to 1, Cam Thomas at 11 to 1, and Cade Cunningham at 15 to 1. These odds are notably short, hinting at a smaller perceived gap between these rising talents and Maxey.

The question is, can a case be made for Barnes or Thomas? It’s not just about the statistics but the narratives accompanying them. Barnes, a former Rookie of the Year, has precedent on his side, echoing the trajectory of Ja Morant, who achieved Most Improved Player two years after his rookie accolade. If Barnes maintains his current trajectory and reaches All-NBA status, he could contend.

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Cam Thomas presents an interesting case as well. Not in the spotlight as much with the Brooklyn Nets, his capacity to explode for 40 points on any given night could tilt the scales if sustained and coupled with increased media attention.

Yet, as we’re less than a month into the season, the narrative could shift rapidly. While Maxey currently leads with odds that are hard to ignore, the NBA is a league of momentum. Players like Barnes and Thomas could forge compelling storylines to capture attention and votes, especially as their respective teams, the Toronto Raptors and the Nets, strive to make their marks in the league.

For now, Maxey’s swift ascension from a mid to late first-round pick to a player exceeding all expectations is what the futures market reflects. But in a league where attention can pivot instantly, it’s still all to play for, from Philadelphia to Brooklyn to Toronto.

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