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GOLF · 6 months ago

Can LIV golfers like Mickelson, Cam Smith & Dustin Johnson Jump back into PGA?



Can LIV golfers like Mickelson, Cam Smith & Dustin Johnson Jump back into PGA?

In the wake of recent events, the golfing world is in an unprecedented situation. With LIV Golf investors offering lucrative deals to prominent golfers, there had been a substantial exodus from the PGA Tour. However, with the announcement of a fair and equitable arrangement for LIV Golfers to reapply for membership to the PGA, golfing dynamics are set to shift again.

How do PGA Golfers Move on?

This move raises several questions and issues, not least the status of high-profile players like Dustin Johnson and Cam Smith. Both golfers have received staggering pay-outs from LIV Golf, with Johnson bagging a reported $150 million.

The current situation is that the remainder of the 2023 schedule will be as planned. The players contracted with the PGA Tour will continue their season as usual, while LIV-contracted golfers will play out the remaining LIV events for the year.

However, complications arise when considering the future of these golfers. Should Johnson or Smith wish to rejoin the PGA Tour, would they be required to pay a fee? There seems to be confusion, which the PGA must address moving forward.

Integrating the LIV players into the PGA Tour also raises questions about the exclusivity of the two tours. While LIV Golf has a limit of 48 players, the PGA Tour offers a broader range of events. What impact will this have on players choosing between the tours? This is another aspect that needs further discussion and clarity.

There’s also the matter of the Ryder Cup, set to take place in September. Given the recent upheaval, it’s unclear what the eligibility requirements will be for this prestigious event. Previously, discussions around the inclusion or exclusion of certain players caused controversy. However, these rules may have to be reconsidered with the merging of LIV and the PGA Tour.

In this sense, the upcoming Ryder Cup may serve as a test case for how the new PGA policies will be implemented. If previously excluded LIV golfers could participate, it would represent a significant shift in the tournament’s usual dynamics.

This is indeed a period of significant change and uncertainty for the world of professional golf. The PGA and LIV Golf merger, combined with the questions around player status and tournament eligibility, means that the remainder of 2023 and beyond will be vital for the sport. 

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