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NFL · 15 days ago

Can Texans QB CJ Stroud (+2000) Win NFL MVP?



Can Texans QB CJ Stroud (+2000) Win NFL MVP?

When it comes to the race for the NFL MVP, CJ Stroud of the Houston Texans is a name that cannot be ignored. His impressive performances and crucial role in the team’s success position him as a strong contender for the coveted award. The question arises: Is CJ Stroud a legitimate contender for the NFL MVP? Based on current evidence, the answer leans towards a resounding yes.

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CJ Stroud’s Impact on the Houston Texans

The impact of Stroud on the Texans is undeniable. With his leadership, the team has seen a significant turnaround. The pivotal factor here is the team’s position in the AFC South. They are in a tight race to overtake the Jacksonville Jaguars, sitting just one game back at 5-4 after that big upset in Cincinnati. If the Texans succeed and secure a home playoff game, much of this success will be attributed to Stroud’s exemplary play.

The Competition and Stroud’s Performance

While Stroud is a strong candidate, he faces stiff competition from renowned quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes. The outcome of key matchups, such as Joe Burrow and his team facing off against Baltimore this week, will also influence the MVP race. Additionally, this season might see a non-quarterback (Christian McCaffrey +3000) win the MVP, adding another layer of competition.

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Betting Odds and Future Predictions

The odds for Stroud to capture the MVP have risen as Houston’s pivot sits just outside the top five at +2000. His recent performances have positively influenced his odds. However, with several weeks left in the season, these odds are subject to change based on his and the team’s continued performance.

CJ Stroud vs. Bryce Young

Comparing CJ Stroud to Bryce Young of the Carolina Panthers offers insight into the challenges faced by young quarterbacks. Stroud stands out with his physical attributes and skills, raising questions about the Panthers’ decision to opt for Young over him. Despite this, both quarterbacks were highly respected coming out of college.

CJ Stroud is undoubtedly a legit contender for the NFL MVP award. His play in the coming weeks will be crucial in solidifying his standing in the MVP race. The football world will be keenly watching as Stroud continues to lead the Houston Texans in their quest for playoff success.

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