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NCAAF · 2 months ago

College Football: Top Five Message Board Meltdowns in Week 4

Sammy Jacobs

Sammy Jacobs

College Football: Top Five Message Board Meltdowns in Week 4

College football has returned, which means overreactions on the message boards are back. Here is a look at the top message board reactions from the Power Five conference.

Week 4 was the best slate of games this season so far, which usually produces some excellent message board posts.

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The Cavaliers are 0-4 and had their hearts ripped out against NC State on Friday night. This UVA fan is done with Anthony Colandrea and wants Tony Muskett for the rest of the year.

Get this immature jive QB out of our starting line-up. He lives 6 miles from me & I don’t care. He thinks he’s a gangster, just like his Lakewood High teammates. Muskett the rest of the way!!!” – CavsFootballSurge via Wahoos247



The Bears got hammered by Texas 38-6, and the Dave Aranda era is not going well, but folks in Waco are still on the school railroading Art Briles.

I wish he could come back. It’s not just that we are losing now. We stood by and let a good man get railroaded by a professional victim, an opposition media, and an envious conference foe. And your children shall be shepherds in the wilderness forty years and shall suffer for your faithlessness until the last of your dead bodies lies in the wilderness.” – RealityBites via Sic’em365

Big Ten


The march to 25 points per game took a real hit Saturday night as Penn State shut out Iowa. Fans are done with Kirk Ferentz and his offensive coordinator son Brian. Iowa is averaging 21.3 points per game.

Ferentz era needs to be over. Offense looks so hard to run! No reason or logic to play calls! **** this bull****. I cancel my Swarm membership. I stop buying Iowa merchandise. Won’t buy another game ticket.” – StoopsBrother via Go Iowa Awesome



The Trojans are 4-0 and sit fifth in the country in the AP Poll, but the natives are restless with Lincoln Riley’s defensive coordinator, Alex Grinch.

Not overreacting. Just asking the question. How can you not see that running the ball until they stop it is what they need to do? This isn’t hard. And why can’t Caleb just run a play? It takes forever. Run the ******* ball, and don’t check out of it. Just keep running. No idea where to start on the D because I am so confused. I am just very worried L has given this guy, like, what, five years? How can you not help yourself out as a coach and an OC and find a dominant DC? Maybe people are right. Riley is a great OC.” – TrojanKnight4 via We R SC


Ole Miss

This week’s talk out of Oxford was how Ole Miss would put Alabama out to pasture, but they lost to the Tide 24-10. The loss is driving fans to reconsider their return on investment with head coach Lane Kiffin. Oh well, for Ole Miss, at least men’s basketball is around the corner.

Very appreciative of what he did for the program beginning in 2019, bringing us back to relevancy. He elevated the floor for Ole Miss Football after a very rough 3-5 years. It’s been almost four years since his hire. His purpose for us is now to win games and build a sustainable football program. We have provided so many resources and have answered his call in so many instances (attendance, facility upgrades, NIL, salary pool, staff needs).

What exactly is the ROl right now, present day? We’re paying a Top 10 salary with Cutcliffe results. The program is so volatile year to year, roster-wise. We have so many depth issues. We aren’t seeing high school signees getting developed into viable contributors across the board.

Time to shift resources to Men’s Basketball, where we have a real leader in place and a great opportunity to win championships.” – PowderBlues via Rebel Grove

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