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NCAAF · 20 days ago

College Football Week 2 Betting Trends: All Eyes on the Colorado Buffaloes



College Football Week 2 Betting Trends: All Eyes on the Colorado Buffaloes

As college football fever grips the nation, betting trends have taken some interesting turns. The Colorado-Nebraska matchup is turning heads, not only on the field but also at the betting window. This game has attracted more bets than all remaining NFL games this week. To put it in perspective, Colorado-Nebraska has garnered a staggering three times the number of bets compared to any other college football showdown this week.

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Before we deep dive into the weekend’s most bet games and teams, here’s a notable wager that’s caught everyone’s attention: A jaw-dropping $165,000 has been placed on Alabama at -7.5.

Most Bet Games (By Tickets)

  1. Colorado-Nebraska
  2. Alabama-Texas
  3. Notre Dame-NC State

Teams With the Highest Betting Volume (By Tickets)

  1. Colorado at -3
  2. Alabama at -7
  3. Notre Dame at -7.5

While the above teams are racking up a ton of tickets, they are also pulling in the most money, as evidenced by the handle:

  1. Colorado at -3
  2. Alabama at -7
  3. Notre Dame at -7.5

For those looking to place their bets on high-scoring affairs, the following matchups have seen the most action on the Over:

  1. Texas A&M-Miami
  2. Michigan-UNLV
  3. Ole Miss-Tulane

Conversely, if you’re banking on defenses to rule the day, here are the matchups attracting the most bets on the Under:

  1. Colorado-Nebraska
  2. Texas-Alabama

Most bet player props (tickets)

  1. Shedeur Sanders over 2.5 passing touchdowns (+120)
  2. Shedeur Sanders over 315.5 passing yards (-115)
  3. Jeff Sims over 64.5 rushing yards (-115)

All betting insights courtesy BetMGM

Shifting our attention to player props, Shedeur Sanders is clearly in the spotlight, with bettors eyeing his aerial prowess. Tickets are rolling in for Sanders to throw over 2.5 passing touchdowns at +120 and to exceed 315.5 passing yards at -115. Another interesting prop catching traction is Nebraska quarterback Jeff Sims surging over 64.5 rushing yards at -115. Again, following the Colorado popularity, all three most bet props come from that game.

While every week in college football offers its own set of intrigues, this particular weekend, with its unique betting patterns, promises to be a roller-coaster ride for both fans and punters. Whether you’re an avid bettor or just a fan, the gridiron is set to deliver some unforgettable moments!

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