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NFL · 20 days ago

Commanders Sneak By Cardinals, Avoid Upset In Week 1



Commanders Sneak By Cardinals, Avoid Upset In Week 1

In a thrilling Sunday afternoon game, the Washington Commanders faced off against the Arizona Cardinals on Washington’s home turf. Although Washington emerged victoriously, they failed to cover the anticipated seven-point spread, sealing their fate with just a four-point lead. As the total settled at 38, the game’s score did not exceed expectations.

Many anticipated a subdued performance from the Cardinals this season, but the team’s resilience is commendable. Despite the odds, the Cardinals covered the number and proved naysayers wrong. Conversely, Washington may have won, but they did not fully capitalize on their chances, leading to some disappointment among fans.

Diving into the specifics, one can’t ignore the statistics. The Cardinals managed to accumulate a mere 210 yards of offense. Their only touchdown, unfortunately for the Commanders, resulted from a sack-fumble, which they impressively transformed into a sprint to the end zone. This play was one of the key moments that allowed the Cardinals to keep their head in the game and the scoreboard ticking.

However, the Commanders weren’t without their fair share of missteps. Their three turnovers, especially the sack fumble in the first half, were blunders they couldn’t afford. This gave the Cardinals the leverage they needed to stay competitive throughout the match.

One significant point of contention was the Washington offense. Many anticipated a sharper and more decisive game strategy, but the Commanders lacked the necessary edge. The play calling by Eric Bieniemy, Washington’s offensive coordinator, particularly at the crucial juncture when the score stood at 17-16, raised several eyebrows. Instead of seizing the opportunity to establish a more dominant lead, Bieniemy opted for conservative plays. The outcome? A mere field goal when there was potential for so much more.

While the Washington Commanders clinched the win, the Arizona Cardinals showed out better than we thought. Is this a sign of things to come for both teams?

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