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NFL · 22 days ago

Diving Into the Jacksonville Jaguars’ AFC South Odds



Diving Into the Jacksonville Jaguars’ AFC South Odds

Diving into the Jacksonville Jaguars, it’s evident that it’s not just about their potential for 2023 but the seeming shortcomings of their divisional rivals, mainly the Tennessee Titans. Issues plague the Titans, the Indianapolis Colts, and the Houston Texans. The Texans don’t seem poised to mount a divisional challenge, either. The division appears to shape into a straightforward two-horse race, but the Jaguars hold a noticeable edge in sheer talent.

Highlighting the Jaguars, their win total sits at 9.5, with the over-carrying juice at -144. Their schedule against the AFC South, playing each team twice, is a crucial factor to consider. Six matches that could potentially elevate the Jags’ win-loss record this year.

The Silver Linings and Dark Clouds for the Jags

Optimism surrounding Jacksonville is palpable. Their defense showcased remarkable improvement in the past season. Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne have been standout contributors, and the addition of Calvin Ridley only strengthens the team’s offensive prowess. Ridley, in particular, returns with vigor after a year-long suspension, violating the NFL’s gambling policy. Betting enthusiasts are already wagering on Ridley to surpass 5.5 receiving touchdowns this season.

However, Jacksonville’s potential Achilles’ heel? Their offensive line. While their defense impresses and their skill positions shine with talents like Ridley, it’s the trenches where games are won or lost. Question marks hover over the Jags’ offensive line, which could be their undoing. On the bright side, Trevor Lawrence’s mobility and Doug Pederson’s coaching acumen could mitigate these issues, particularly with RPOs.

While the Jaguars are poised for a strong 2023 season, their success might hinge on the performance of their offensive line. One thing’s for sure: their skill positions are among the NFL’s elite, which could make all the difference.

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