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NFL · 23 days ago

Drama in the Pittsburgh Steelers Offense



Drama in the Pittsburgh Steelers Offense

In Week 10, we have a matchup between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers that may not be the most thrilling, but there are still fantasy and betting opportunities to explore. Let’s dive into the key players and the betting angles for this game.

Fantasy Football Picks:

  1. Wide Receivers:

    • Diontae Johnson (PIT): Johnson continues to be a reliable fantasy option for the Steelers, and you should confidently start him.
    • George Pickens (PIT): Despite a recent social media controversy, Pickens remains a potential fantasy play, especially in deeper leagues.
  2. Quarterbacks:

    • Kenny Pickett (PIT): Pickett has been a hot topic in the NFL draft discussion, but his fantasy relevance in this game is questionable. Proceed with caution.
    • Jordan Love (GB): Love is stepping in for the Packers, and with uncertainty surrounding his performance, he might not be the safest fantasy option either.
  3. Running Backs:

    • Aaron Jones (GB): Jones seems to have recovered from his hamstring injury and had a season-high in snaps and touches last week. Consider starting him with confidence.

Betting Element: Now, let’s add the betting element to the conversation:

  1. Low-Scoring Game: Given the potential for a snooze fest, consider betting on the under for total points. If both teams rely heavily on the run and the game is decided by the last possession, a low-scoring affair is likely.

  2. Last Possession: As mentioned, this game could come down to the last possession, a common occurrence for the Packers. Betting on the team you believe will secure the victory in the final minutes might be an interesting proposition.

  3. Player Performance Props: Look for player performance prop bets, especially for players like Johnson and Jones. Betting on individual player stats can add excitement and engagement to the game.

Conclusion: While the Packers and Steelers may not provide the most thrilling matchup in Week 10, there are still fantasy and betting opportunities to explore. Start your key players with confidence, keep an eye on the low-scoring potential, and consider player performance props to make the game more exciting. Despite the snooze fest predictions, there’s always room for surprises in the world of NFL football. Enjoy the game!


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