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NFL · 25 days ago

Four AFC North Teams Hold Playoff Spots: Will it Last?



Four AFC North Teams Hold Playoff Spots: Will it Last?

The AFC North is loaded with talent, making it one of the most competitive divisions in the NFL this season. Let’s break down the contenders and their playoff odds.

Baltimore Ravens (7-2): The Ravens have been one of the most pleasant surprises of this year. They currently boast a 7-2 record, tied for the second-best in the NFL, right alongside the defending champions, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Pittsburgh Steelers (5-3): The Steelers have been consistent and are firmly in the playoff mix with a 5-3 record.

Cleveland Browns (5-3): The Browns have also shown their potential, standing at 5-3 this season.

Cincinnati Bengals (5-3): The Bengals have won four straight games, and they are on a roll with a 5-3 record.

The big question is, will three or more AFC North teams make the postseason this year?

In the current NFL playoff format, seven teams from each conference make it to the postseason. With the AFC North’s strength this year, it’s entirely possible for three or more teams from this division to secure playoff berths.

As it stands, the top five AFC playoff seeds would include Kansas City, Baltimore, Jacksonville, Miami, and Pittsburgh. That’s already three teams from the AFC North in the mix. And if Cleveland or Cincinnati can secure a wild-card spot, it could become a reality.

While some might argue that AFC North teams will cannibalize each other during their divisional matchups, we see it differently. We believe that the competition from outside the division might not be strong enough to knock them out.

In a league where anything can happen, the AFC North’s talent and competitiveness have been on display this season, and we could witness an unprecedented feat.

The AFC North is undeniably a powerhouse this season, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see multiple teams from this division make a deep playoff run. As the season unfolds, the battle for postseason berths promises to be one of the most exciting storylines in the NFL.

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