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NFL · 14 days ago

Giants vs. Commanders: Can New York Sweep Washington?



Giants vs. Commanders: Can New York Sweep Washington?

As the New York Giants prepare to face the Washington Commanders on the road, the spotlight falls on quarterback Tommy DeVito. Despite his struggles, including a meager output against the New York Jets and the Dallas Cowboys, DeVito is set to lead the Giants again. His performance has raised eyebrows, with his limited yardage in previous games hinting at a challenging outing ahead.

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The Commanders, on the other hand, have been a mixed bag. While they’ve shown promise as underdogs on the road, their current position as 9.5-point favorites against the Giants raises questions. With Sam Howell at the helm, they’ve been unpredictable, especially in games where they’re expected to cover a significant spread.

Analyzing this matchup, it’s hard to justify laying 9.5 points with Washington. They’ve had their struggles, notably under head coach Ron Rivera. Rivera’s record in similar betting scenarios hasn’t inspired confidence, as seen in their narrow escape against the Seattle Seahawks and difficulty covering spreads in earlier games.

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On the other side, the Giants’ path to victory seems narrow. They may need to rely heavily on their rushing attack, hoping to replicate the kind of game management that led to their 14-7 win over Washington in Week 7 at MetLife. Yet, with DeVito’s current form, this strategy carries its own risks.

Adding to the intrigue of this matchup is the unexpected rise of Howell in the quarterback rankings. Leading the league in passing yards is a notable feat for Howell, outshining even more hyped quarterbacks like CJ Stroud. This performance comes as a surprise, especially considering the preseason expectations and Rivera’s own admissions about his knowledge of Howell’s capabilities.

This game between the Giants and Commanders is shaping up to be a tricky one for bettors. With the uncertainties surrounding both teams, especially in the quarterback department, it becomes a challenging scenario to navigate. It’s a matchup that might defy expectations, either through an unlikely Giants win or a total that surpasses projections.

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