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NFL · 14 days ago

Has Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen Taken a Step Back?



Has Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen Taken a Step Back?

The NFL, as they say, is a game of highs and lows, and last night, the Buffalo Bills were mired deep in the troughs. There’s no way to sugarcoat it – the Bills’ performance left fans fuming and questioning where the team is headed this season. The collective frustration was palpable, especially considering how close they were to seizing the opportunity.

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Your main man, Josh Allen, whom many had dubbed the future of the AFC East, came under sharp criticism. And rightly so. The Bills had everything going for them – the scent of vulnerability from their opponents, an unsettled defense on the other side, and the game almost within their grasp. But when push came to shove, both the defense and, crucially, Allen seemed reluctant to step up and make the kill. And no, it’s not about abandoning the ship or questioning the team’s credentials as a top-tier outfit in the AFC East. It’s about recognizing glaring issues and addressing them head-on.

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The naysayers will point to the game as a standalone lousy day at the office—a slip in an otherwise smooth journey. But the truth is, the last night’s debacle is not an isolated incident. This has become a worrying pattern for the Bills, particularly for Allen. Let’s roll back a year, and you’d see glimpses of the same issues plaguing the team. Once hailed as the next big thing in the NFL, Allen now seems to have hit a wall. The player who was making headlines two seasons ago now looks lost on the field, often resembling a greenhorn rather than a seasoned quarterback. Costly errors, questionable decisions, and an apparent lack of confidence have become familiar. It’s heartbreaking for fans, especially considering the talent at his disposal. Allen’s current form is reminiscent of a rookie’s teething problems, not a QB of his stature and experience.

And it’s not just on Allen. Coach Sean McDermott has some serious introspection to do. The fact that he’s lost twice to Zach Wilson, a much less experienced quarterback, in the span of a year is concerning. As a cohesive unit, the Bills need to figure things out quickly.

The road ahead is long, and the season is far from over. But for the Bills to reclaim their position as the top dogs in the AFC East, they must address these recurring issues. The talent is there; it’s the application that’s missing. And for a team with Super Bowl aspirations, that’s not good enough.

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