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NCAAF · a month ago

Heisman Hopefuls: Hunter & Sanders Shake Up the Odds



Heisman Hopefuls: Hunter & Sanders Shake Up the Odds

There’s a fresh wave of belief washing over the college football scene. While Travis Hunter’s past exploits alongside Deion Sanders were noteworthy, not many expected his move to Colorado to place him in Heisman contention. Yet here we are, with odds taking a nosedive and the Heisman trophy potentially within grasp for Hunter.

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Let’s not forget the last time Colorado boasted a Heisman winner was when Rashaan Salaam clinched the trophy in 1994. Currently, two Buffaloes have a shot at the award, with Hunter at +6000 and Shedeur Sanders at +8000.

Sanders has undoubtedly become the talk of the town. Boasting an impressive 510 yards this past weekend and showcasing impeccable accuracy with throws of ten yards or less, he was a perfect 21 for 21. It’s evident: Sanders is a force to be reckoned with, especially when comparing him to other Pac-12 quarterbacks.

However, Hunter is vying for the “best player in the country” title. His dual-threat abilities on the offensive and defensive end are reminiscent of Gordie Lockbaum of the 1980s at Holy Cross. While Lockbaum might draw blank stares from the younger crowd, he was a two-time top-five finisher in the Heisman voting. Still, this isn’t to say Hunter is simply the next Lockbaum; what Hunter is achieving on the field is nothing short of groundbreaking.

When discussing Heisman odds, it’s essential to factor in more than just statistics. The narrative matters, and Hunter’s all-around performance makes him an early All-American candidate. His dual-role brilliance might pave his path to New York, solidifying him in the running for the best player in the country debate.

For those placing bets or simply enjoying the drama of college football, this season is shaping up to be one of unexpected turns and thrilling prospects.

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