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NFL · 23 days ago

How Has Kelce’s Potential Absence Shifted Chiefs-Lions Spread?



How Has Kelce’s Potential Absence Shifted Chiefs-Lions Spread?

Kansas City Chiefs fans are holding their breath ahead of tonight’s game, with major line movements signaling some potentially significant changes in the team’s playing dynamic. Not too long ago, the Chiefs were favored by a margin of 6.5 points, almost a touchdown. Fast forward to now, and the odds have shifted considerably, with just 4.5 points in favor of KC.

What’s causing these fluctuations? Much of it concerns the potential absence of the star quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ favorite target: Travis Kelce. It’s not just about losing a tight end; in Kelce, we’re discussing possibly the best tight end in the sport’s history. And if the whispers are true, he might not make an appearance tonight.

The Kansas City Chiefs defense is also under scrutiny, and there are questions about Chris Jones on that side of the football. 

While the off-season saw its share of fluctuations, with odds alternating between seven and 6.5, it remained consistent at 54.5 for most parts. And while weather concerns could be a potential reason for such shifts, the forecast tonight predicts no such disturbances. Instead, players will be battling it out in 85-degree heat and humidity.

One key aspect to factor in is the lack of heavy preseason action for many players. The transition from light practice and limited game time to nearly 70 snaps under challenging conditions can be drastic. Specifically, this could lead to the offensive line tiring out quicker than the defensive line. So, don’t be surprised if a powerful pass rush in the initial quarters wanes as the game progresses.

Given the potential changes in the lineup, the line movement to 4.5 points and the total dropping to 52.5 seems logical. Removing a stalwart like Kelce from Mahomes’ arsenal could significantly impact the game dynamics. All eyes will be on the Chiefs as they navigate these challenges tonight.

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