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NFL · 2 months ago

Is a Play Calling Change Coming for the Anemic Steelers Offense?



Is a Play Calling Change Coming for the Anemic Steelers Offense?

Today’s NFL press conference with Mike Tomlin left more questions than answers regarding the direction of the Pittsburgh Steelers offense. When probed about a potential change in play-calling responsibilities, Tomlin’s cryptic response suggested an impending evaluation. With the team’s bye week looming after their clash with Baltimore, could a change be on the horizon? Odds might be as low as 5%, but some local pundits speculate even less.

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Sunday’s match-up against the Houston Texans was an eye-opener. Bobby Slowik, the Texans’ new offensive coordinator, seemed to have the Steelers figured out from the start. Slowik’s strategy targeted Pittsburgh’s vulnerabilities, effectively neutralizing their renowned edge rushers, Alex Highsmith and TJ Watt. On the contrary, when the Steelers took possession, their approach seemed rigid, almost predictable. Their decision to persistently run the ball through the middle appeared more about sticking to their script rather than countering their opponent’s game plan.

The divergence in strategy and execution between the two teams was glaring. Data supports what fans and critics have been lamenting: the Steelers offensive playbook under the current coordinator is severely lacking. The numbers are, quite literally, a cascade of shortcomings. From subpar game starts and unsuccessful drive ratios to first-half red-zone inefficiencies, the statistics paint a bleak picture. Finding any stat that shines a positive light on the Steelers’ offense this season is challenging.

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Second-year quarterback Kenny Pickett seems to bear the brunt of this offensive fiasco. Initially showing promise, Pickett’s progression seems halted. Given the immense pressure and play-calling deficiencies, some might argue he’s regressed.

The Steelers face a conundrum. Despite consistent underperformance, the commitment to their current offensive strategy is puzzling. Changes might be inevitable if another lackluster week unfolds, especially against teams perceived as less formidable.

Tomlin and his staff need to evaluate and adapt. For a franchise with a storied history and a resilient reputation, the status quo might not be an option for long.

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