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NFL · a month ago

Is the Smart Money On the Jaguars To Win the AFC South?



Is the Smart Money On the Jaguars To Win the AFC South?

As the dust of last season’s football frenzy settles, the narrative of the AFC South has transformed dramatically. The Tennessee Titans, who seemed poised to clinch the divisional title, faced a devastating twist as they dropped seven consecutive games to end their season. On the flip side, the Jacksonville Jaguars surged, winning five straight, not only to claim the division but also to host a playoff game in mid-January. The Jaguars’ sensational comeback against the Los Angeles Chargers is now etched in playoff history.

This year’s betting odds reflect the power shift. The Jaguars are currently sitting pretty as a –155 favorite in the AFC South for 2023.

What does this mean for the division? In evaluating the AFC South’s competitive landscape, it’s clear that it’s primarily a battle between the Jaguars and the Titans. While the Indianapolis Colts are in a rebuilding phase, searching for their franchise player, the Houston Texans are in a similar boat, making their moves in the hopes of brighter days ahead.

The odds, however, seem to raise a few eyebrows. The Colts being at a +550 price does come as a surprise. Similarly, the Texans at a +1000 price certainly stirs debate. Many believe the odds for both these teams should be closer. Yet, the significant gap from –155 to +310 between the Jaguars and the Titans does seem justified, given last season’s performances.

As analysts deep-dive into each team’s potential, questions arise. Are the Jacksonville Jaguars truly ready to lead the pack? They’re definitely the team on everyone’s radar, the one that fans and pundits alike are eager to back. It’s hard to contest this enthusiasm, especially considering how they finished last year. 

However, it would be premature to declare them the undisputed leaders of the AFC South without a more granular analysis. Based on last season’s momentum and current odds, the Jacksonville Jaguars appear to be the frontrunners. But as every football fan knows, the new season can be full of unexpected twists and turns. The real question is, can the Jaguars maintain their momentum, or will the Titans, Colts, or even the Texans spring a surprise? Only time will tell.

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