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NFL · 21 days ago

Is Washington Commanders QB Sam Howell the Real Deal?



Is Washington Commanders QB Sam Howell the Real Deal?

In the NFL, where opinions on players can be as varied as the plays in a playbook, Sam Howell of the Washington Commanders is a figure of intrigue and potential. Despite the mixed reception he’s received, there’s a growing sense that Howell possesses the qualities of a promising NFL quarterback.

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Howell’s focus on the team’s success over personal stats is a refreshing perspective in a stat-driven league. His commitment to improving his performance and the team’s overall chances of winning is commendable. This team-first attitude is particularly noteworthy in a young player and speaks volumes about his leadership potential.

Despite the Commanders not winning as many games as they would have liked this season, Howell’s outlook remains positive and improvement-focused. He recognizes the need to enhance his play to contribute more effectively to the team’s success. This attitude and willingness to learn and adapt bodes well for his development in the NFL.

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Comparing Howell to a “Brett Favre Light,” some analysts see in him a blend of great playmaking ability and a propensity for risky decisions. This comparison is apt in that it captures both the potential and the growing pains typical of many young quarterbacks. Like Favre, Howell seems willing to take hits and make bold plays, which, while sometimes leading to mistakes, also sets the stage for spectacular football.

The Commanders, with weapons like Terry McLaurin and an improving Brian Robinson, have the makings of a dangerous team. However, for Howell to truly excel, the team must strengthen its offensive line to ensure he gets the protection a young quarterback often requires.

Sam Howell’s trajectory with the Washington Commanders is one to watch. His attitude, resilience, and playmaking potential, combined with the team’s growing talent pool, suggest that Howell could evolve into a significant NFL quarterback. His development will be an exciting journey for Commanders fans and NFL enthusiasts alike.

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