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NCAAF · 1 week ago

It’s Time for the NCAA to be Proactive and Not Reactive


As we’re within 100 days of the start of the college football season, set to kick off in late August, the stakes are high, not just on the field but also in the world of sports betting.

The surge in sports gambling, particularly in collegiate sports, presents exciting opportunities and significant challenges. One challenge receiving considerable attention is the urgent need for more robust safeguards to ensure the integrity of college sports.

Recently, SportsGrid had the chance to talk to MAC Commissioner Jon Steinbrecher during the SBC North America event. He shared some insights on the measures his conference is taking to keep athletes, coaches, and administrators informed and accountable.

The MAC, for instance, plays a 30-minute video at the start of the season educating their members about betting rules and potential violations. This video makes it clear that involvement in gambling, even participating in a fantasy pool with a prize, is strictly prohibited.

Steinbrecher is aware that this initial briefing might not be enough. He suggested that regularly reinforcing these policies could be beneficial, ensuring everyone involved stays aware of the rules and consequences.

Despite these educational initiatives, some incidents have slipped through the cracks, as seen with the Alabama baseball coach’s firing and the ongoing investigation involving 41 athletes and a staffer at Iowa. These events underscore the necessity for rigorous enforcement and constant vigilance.

Armed with geolocation tracking and a comprehensive database, the betting industry has demonstrated its capacity to catch rule-breakers. However, this alone is not enough. Outside of the echo chamber of the betting industry, fans who aren’t enamored with gambling could perceive these incidents as a sign that collegiate sports are derailing.

All the NCAA member institutions must take collective action to mitigate these issues. There must be a resounding consensus that enough is enough, and efforts must be ramped up to educate and prepare athletes and other parties involved.

Initiatives like the anonymous tip line provide a safe avenue for anyone who comes across any suspicious activities to report them.

Maintaining the integrity of sports leagues has never been more crucial. These leagues’ members must stay proactive, keeping their athletes prepared and their betting policies up-to-date. The future of collegiate sports depends on it.

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