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NFL · 9 days ago

Jaguars vs. Chiefs: A Fantasy Breakdown



Jaguars vs. Chiefs: A Fantasy Breakdown

The Jacksonville Jaguars are set to face off against the dynamic Kansas City Chiefs in what promises to be one of the week’s most anticipated clashes. With the highest game total on the slate, fantasy managers everywhere are keenly eyeing this matchup for potential value plays. Let’s dive into some fantasy implications from the Jaguars’ side of the ball.

5 Overreactions to Week 1 of the NFL Season

The High Total Game Narrative

Every week, fantasy enthusiasts circle a particular game that promises fireworks. Last week, it was the Chargers-Dolphins, where a total of 51 was quickly surpassed. This week, all eyes are on the Chiefs-Jaguars matchup. With the highest projected point total, both offenses are expected to be in high gear, providing ample opportunities for fantasy scoring.

Travis Etienne: The Ideal Game Script Weapon

When considering the Jaguars’ approach to this matchup, keeping Patrick Mahomes off the field becomes paramount. The more Mahomes is allowed to control the game, the harder it becomes for Jacksonville to keep up. Enter Travis Etienne. Priced at $8,200 on FanDuel and $6,900 on DraftKings, Etienne presents a middle-of-the-pack option that promises high-floor, high-ceiling potential.

Given the game script and the Jaguars’ potential need to control the clock, Etienne’s role as a dual-threat running back becomes even more significant. Not only can he grind out yards on the ground, but he’s also a viable weapon in the passing game. This dual utility makes him a potentially valuable asset for fantasy managers.

Roster Considerations: Popular But Worth It?

While Etienne is likely to be a popular roster pick, that shouldn’t deter savvy managers. High ownership doesn’t necessarily equate to a bad play, especially when the matchup and game script align favorably. Conversely, if you’re looking for a contrarian pick, Tank Bigsby at just $4,700 on DraftKings might be worth a gamble, especially if you project him getting into the endzone.

Alleviating Pressure on Trevor Lawrence

The third-year sensation, Trevor Lawrence, faces a significant challenge in the Chiefs’ defense, especially with Chris Jones back in the mix. The most effective strategy to counter this pressure? Get the ball out quickly and lean on players like Etienne. Integrating the run game and quick passes can help ease the burden on Lawrence and potentially unlock higher fantasy point ceilings for Jacksonville’s offensive players.

Conclusion: Fantasy Meets Football Strategy

Understanding the on-field tactics and how they translate to fantasy production is crucial. From a game plan and fantasy perspective, starting with Travis Etienne could be the smart move this week. The Jaguars’ approach to controlling the game and keeping Mahomes sidelined as much as possible could spell significant fantasy returns for the right players. Don’t sleep on Jacksonville’s potential in this high-octane matchup.

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