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NFL · 15 days ago

Jets Dive Into QB Market: Why Zach Wilson Remains Their Best Bet



Jets Dive Into QB Market: Why Zach Wilson Remains Their Best Bet

The New York Jets seem to be doing their homework, with reports from Dianna Russini suggesting that they’ve been in touch with veteran quarterbacks across the NFL. The purpose? To see if there’s anyone available who could potentially replace or challenge the incumbent, Zach Wilson.

Joe Douglas, the GM of the Jets, is no amateur when it comes to talent scouting. With a track record that boasts involvement in Super Bowl organizations, Jets fans, and stakeholders alike have reasons to believe he’ll steer the ship correctly. Douglas seems to be doing a comprehensive sweep of available talent. The search ranges from potential free agents, those considering coming out of retirement, to possible trades with teams considering shaking things up in the QB department.

However, the underlying message from the Jets organization remains consistent: this is Zach Wilson’s team.

There’s a growing sentiment that Wilson remains the best option for the Jets. For instance, the comparisons have been made – Tom Brady and Philip Rivers. But there are challenges to consider. Despite his immense success, Brady showed evident signs of aging last year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Mobility became an issue, and Father Time, as we know, is undefeated. Rivers, too, isn’t the spry, cannon-armed quarterback of yesteryears. His mobility and arm strength, or lack thereof, make it hard to argue that he’s a significant upgrade over Wilson.

Exploring other potential options would be more of the same – no definitive upgrade over Wilson.

What the Jets face is a clear decision. If Wilson performs well this season and leads the team to the playoffs, he solidifies his position as the future of the franchise. The dream scenario for some? Seeing him step up and possibly fill the shoes of someone like Aaron Rodgers in the future. But if Wilson falls short, the Jets will have to reassess their stance.

Regardless, bringing in an external option, even someone of Brady’s caliber, might not be the magic fix. The Jets would still face challenges with Brady’s decreasing mobility and Rivers’ diminishing arm strength. Moreover, they’d have to adjust their offensive scheme to fit a less mobile quarterback.

It seems the Jets are best served by giving Wilson the reins, offering him the support, and seeing if he can deliver. Whether they make the playoffs or not, this year provides either clarity on Wilson’s potential or closure on his chapter with the Jets. One thing is clear: the onus is on Zach Wilson to define his legacy with the team.

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