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NFL · 22 days ago

Joe Burrow’s Calf Injury Raises Concerns Ahead of Sunday’s Matchup



Joe Burrow’s Calf Injury Raises Concerns Ahead of Sunday’s Matchup

It seems like Joe Burrow can’t catch a break. After missing most of training camp with a calf injury, which kept him from both practices and games, the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback is now treading cautiously. “I think I’m ready to go on Sunday,” Burrow said earlier this week, hinting at his possible participation. “I mean, we’re gonna see how these next couple of days play out because you never know with these things.”

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The young QB detailed the nature of his injury: “Just muscle strain. They’re finicky and take longer to heal than anticipated.” Essentially, Burrow sustained what many refer to as a pulled calf. Comparing it to a frequently rolled ankle, it’s an ailment that might seem healed, only to get re-injured upon exertion.

Given Burrow’s history with leg issues, skepticism surrounds his latest health proclamation. It feels almost like a recurring theme – injuries sidelining him from crucial team activities, particularly training camp. Burrow has hardly seen any significant training camp action in his brief NFL tenure. The question arises: Is this a strategic decision by the Bengals to protect their star player?

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There’s merit to the argument. The grueling nature of NFL games from Week 1 to Week 18 exposes players to significant physical tolls. The risks of preseason and training camp activities might outweigh their benefits, especially for top-tier players. Why subject them to potential injuries in a controlled environment when the real tests lie in the regular season?

Burrow’s health remains the focal point, especially with an upcoming clash against the Cleveland Browns. The Bengals are currently favorites, with a spread of -2.5. The over/under total stands at 48 for the game, which will be played in Cleveland this Sunday.

As the spotlight remains firmly on Burrow, other QB narratives continue to unfold, with names like Deshaun Watson surfacing in football conversations. But all eyes will be on how Burrow’s calf holds up this weekend as the Bengals hope to clinch a win on the road.

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