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NFL · 23 days ago

Joe Mixon is a Resurgent Force in the Bengals’ Offense



Joe Mixon is a Resurgent Force in the Bengals’ Offense

As the NFL season progresses, Joe Mixon of the Cincinnati Bengals emerges as a focal point for fantasy football enthusiasts and bettors alike. With quarterback Joe Burrow back in form, Mixon has hit a stride, scoring 15 or more fantasy points in half PPR formats over the last two weeks. His current pricing at $7,700 on FanDuel and $6,200 on DraftKings makes him an attractive option for those looking to maximize returns in Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS).

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Consistency and Value: Mixon’s DFS Appeal

Mixon’s consistency in scoring, coupled with his competitive pricing, offers a compelling value proposition in DFS lineups. His ability to consistently hit the 15-point mark in fantasy scores positions him as a reliable choice for fantasy players looking to build winning lineups.

Bengals’ Slow Start: A Trend to Consider

The Cincinnati Bengals, known for their slow starts over the past three seasons, are now showing signs of rebounding. This uptick in performance is an important factor for bettors and fantasy players to consider. The team’s gradual improvement could indicate an increasing role for Mixon in the offensive strategy.

The Potential for a Three-Week Fantasy Scoring Streak

The question on the minds of many DFS players and bettors is whether Mixon can continue this scoring trend for a third consecutive week. Given the current dynamics of the Bengals’ offense and Mixon’s recent performance, there is a strong case to be made for his continued success.

Playing Against the Odds: Strategic DFS Lineup Building

In DFS, success often involves playing against various factors, including public opinion and bookmakers’ odds. Selecting players like Mixon, who offer value and are on an upward trajectory, can be a key strategy in overcoming these challenges.

The Bengals’ Positive Momentum: A Catalyst for Mixon

The Bengals’ current positive momentum is another factor bolstering Mixon’s prospects. As the team continues on an upward trend, Mixon’s role and impact are likely to grow, enhancing his appeal in both DFS and betting circles.

Conclusion: Mixon as a Strong Play in Week 10 and Beyond

In conclusion, Joe Mixon stands out as a strong play in DFS lineups for Week 10 and potentially in subsequent weeks. His consistent scoring, combined with the Bengals’ improving performance and his reasonable pricing on major DFS platforms, make him a smart choice for fantasy football players and bettors aiming for success.

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