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NFL · 3 months ago

Judging NFC Overreactions and Facts from Sunday, Week 3

Ben DiGiacomo

Ben DiGiacomo

Judging NFC Overreactions and Facts from Sunday, Week 3

The NFC was turned on its head a bit as the Dallas Cowboys got laughed off the field by the Arizona Cardinals, but the San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles are sitting pretty at the top of the conference.

After an eventful Sunday, here are our assessments of the biggest overreactions in the NFC.

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  • Dallas Cowboys Cowboys Are Frauds 

Overreaction or an Accurate Reaction? Overreaction… Sort of

All the Dallas Cowboys haters, who have been sick and tired of them being propped up in the media for the past two weeks, couldn’t have received a better gift on Sunday. Going into Arizona as 12.5-point favorites, the Cowboys were thoroughly embarrassed. It wasn’t like they just got unlucky at the end. The Cardinals dominated them from start to finish. This supposedly elite run defense got exposed as the Cardinals ran for a combined 222 yards. Offensively, Mike McCarthy was miserable as the play-caller. Run Tony Pollard, for crying out loud! To top it off, Dak Prescott was doing Prescott things when it mattered most. Will the Cowboys still make the playoffs? Sure, but they have left the top tier of NFC teams. 

  • Carolina Panthers Rushed Bryce Young

Overreaction or an Accurate Reaction? Accurate Reaction

The Carolina Panthers are 0-3 and aren’t going anywhere. Still, the best they looked all season was on Sunday with Andy Dalton. He brought competency to the Panthers’ quarterback position, passing for 361 yards and two touchdowns in the losing effort. After watching Bryce Young for two games, it’s clear that the Panthers did him a disservice by throwing him into the fire before he was ready. In the future, even when Young is not injured, the Panthers need to develop their first overall pick from the sideline, not the field. 

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  • Minnesota Vikings Should Blow it Up

Overreaction or an Accurate Reaction? Accurate Reaction

I was on the Minnesota Vikings taking a step back this season all offseason, but I didn’t imagine it being this bad. Man, they are dreadful. Brandon Staley tried to give the game away on Sunday, but Kirk Cousins came up short when it mattered most again. The Vikings now sit at 0-3. This team is toast, and they’d be better off blowing it up now and giving themselves a shot to land a top quarterback in the draft. Cousins, in all likelihood, isn’t returning next year, so speed up the process and see if a desperate team like the New York Jets will give you something back for him.

  • The San Francisco 49ers are the Best Team in Football

Overreaction or an Accurate Reaction? Overreaction

Maybe I’m in the minority, but nothing the San Francisco 49ers have done looks special to me. Defensively, they shut down Kenny Pickett and Daniel Jones, like they’re supposed to,  but Matthew Stafford threw for more than 300 yards against them. They’ve taken care of their business offensively, but nothing I see tells me they can beat the Eagles in the postseason or be favored against the Chiefs, Bills, or Dolphins. Slow down this San Francisco hype already.

  • Chicago Bears Should Fire Everyone 

Overreaction or an Accurate Reaction? Accurate Reaction

Who knew Taylor Swift being in the stands would mean that much to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday? Well, it helped that the Chicago Bears are just that bad. Going into the fourth quarter, Justin Fields only completed SIX passes in what may have been the ugliest offensive performance I’ve ever seen. Yes, Fields is terrible, but it was like he was being set up to fail. There was no creativity, disguises, or direction with anything the Bears were doing. The Bears have too much draft capital in the future to continue with this coaching staff, so to save NFL fans from watching any more of the Bears, fire everyone.

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