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NFL · 14 days ago

Kenny Pickens Struggles Hamper Steelers’ Chances vs. Browns



Kenny Pickens Struggles Hamper Steelers’ Chances vs. Browns

As the Pittsburgh Steelers prepare for their upcoming clash against the Cleveland Browns, one question looms large: can quarterback Kenny Pickett find success through the air? Pickett’s recent performances have raised some concerns in the Steel City.

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Pickett’s Struggles

In his last few outings, Pickett’s passing numbers have left much to be desired. He managed just 14 completions against the Green Bay Packers, a team with the 14th-ranked pass defense, even without their top cover corner. The week before, Pickett only mustered 160 passing yards against the 29th-ranked pass defense of the Tennessee Titans. And, to add to the worries, he threw for a mere 73 yards against the 13th-ranked pass defense of the Jacksonville Jaguars. These struggles took place in the comfortable confines of their home stadium.

A Road Test in Cleveland

Now, the Steelers’ young signal-caller faces the daunting prospect of going on the road to face the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland’s defense is nothing to be taken lightly, and Pickett’s recent form raises questions about his ability to excel in this matchup.

Betting Strategy: The Kenny Pickett Under

For those looking to add an extra layer of excitement to the game, betting opportunities abound. One proposition bet worth considering is the under on Kenny Pickett’s passing yards. With Pickett’s recent struggles, this could be a profitable play for bettors.

George Pickens: An Intriguing Option

Another intriguing betting option is wide receiver George Pickens. His prop number is set at only 35.5 receiving yards. Given the expectation that the Browns may lead at certain points in the game, the Steelers could find themselves in a position where they need to pass more. This could open up opportunities for Pickens to surpass his yardage prop.

Parlay Potential

For those feeling a bit more adventurous, there’s the option to parlay these two bets. Since the algorithm sees them as inversely correlated, combining the under on Kenny Pickett’s passing yards with George Pickens’ prop could yield an attractive payout.

Final Thoughts

As the Steelers get ready to face the Browns, the spotlight is on Kenny Pickett and his ability to move the ball through the air. While the concerns are valid, there are betting opportunities that can make the game even more thrilling for fans. Keep a close eye on Pickett’s performance, and remember, sometimes the underdogs and unexpected plays lead to big wins in the world of sports betting.

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