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NFL · 12 days ago

LA Chargers vs. Tennessee Titans: Ground and Pound Rebound?



LA Chargers vs. Tennessee Titans: Ground and Pound Rebound?

When the LA Chargers face off against the Tennessee Titans, all NFL eyes will be on how LA, seemingly vulnerable on the defense, will hold up in the challenging environment of Tennessee. Having been torn apart by Tua’s aerial prowess the previous week, the Chargers defense looks like a shadow of its potential. To compound their worries, the possibility of them missing Austin Ekeler could make matters worse.

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A glimpse at the Chargers’ performance against the Dolphins indicates that while they intended to launch deep assaults, they frequently chose to stay shallow in their attack. Intriguingly, they leaned heavily into their run game, posting stats that would make any opponent wary. Ranking number one in EPA per rush, success rate, and yards per carry, their running backs churned out an impressive 6.5 yards per carry. But Titans’ turf might not be as yielding. The Tennessee run defense stands as one of the most formidable in the league, and they’re poised to challenge the Chargers’ ground game.

However, the Titans aren’t without their own vulnerabilities. Their secondary left much to be desired when Derek Carr managed to exploit it. The Titans’ secondary woes were evident, especially when Carr connected deep with Rashid Shaheed and Chris Olave. But the Chargers lack the downfield threat potency that the Saints showcased. Though an elite QB, Justin Herbert hasn’t consistently shown the tendency to push the ball deep like Carr.

Furthermore, the Titans have steadfastly defended short, which might challenge Herbert’s tendencies. Unless Herbert delivers a standout performance with underneath throws, the Titans might have the edge in this contest.

Given the dynamics, the scales seem to tip toward the Titans, especially when they’re catching those three points at home. History points to a tricky encounter for visiting teams at Tennessee. Top-tier teams with elite quarterbacks, like the Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, and Jacksonville Jaguars, ventured into Titans’ territory as favorites but left with a bitter taste of defeat. They chose a pass-first strategy, trying to exploit the Titans’ perceived weaknesses. But as history has shown, this approach doesn’t always guarantee success against the Titans.

The Titans’ Ryan Tannehill had a rough outing against the Saints, but expecting a repeat of that dismal performance might be a stretch. Back on home turf, a revitalized Tannehill, coupled with a potent run game, could spell trouble for the Chargers.

While the Chargers might be the talk of the town for their offensive prowess, this encounter at Tennessee promises to be challenging. Given the matchups, stats, and recent performances, the odds seem to favor a Titans cover in this clash.

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