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NFL · 19 days ago

Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens DFS Dominance: Most 40-Point Games Since 2020



Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens DFS Dominance: Most 40-Point Games Since 2020

Lamar Jackson: The DFS Goldmine in Week 1

Every fantasy football manager has been on the Jackson roller-coaster at least once. His ability to shift the tide of a fantasy week with a single play is unparalleled. Let’s take a deeper look at Jackson’s DFS prospects in Week 1, especially when it comes to betting.

Consistency and High Ceiling: Why Jackson’s Past Matters

  • Rewriting the Record Books: Remove the glow of Jackson’s MVP season in 2019 and he still shines brightly. With the most 40-point fantasy games since 2020, Jackson’s fantasy relevance remains unchallenged.

  • Focusing on Now: DFS requires a week-to-week focus. Jackson’s history proves that, on any given week, he possesses the fantasy ceiling higher than any other player, across all positions.

Talent Around Him: A Wealth of Weapons

  • Offensive Harmony: The Ravens’ play-calling under offensive coordinator Todd Monken is something to look forward to. With healthy key players like Mark Andrews, Rashod Bateman, and even the ever-energetic Odell Beckham Jr., Jackson has a plethora of weapons at his disposal.

  • Stacking with Teammates: The recent trend of playing Jackson solo in DFS has emerged. However, pairing him with players like Bateman, Beckham, or even rookie Zay Flowers might be a strategic masterstroke, given their offensive schemes.

Betting Element Subheaders

  • Value Plays: Looking at Sam Howell of the Washington Commanders, priced at $4900, offers an intriguing stack option with players like Terry McLaurin or Jahan Dotson. However, it’s essential to remember the dynamics of the Arizona Cardinals and the potential game flow against them.

  • Job on the Line: The coaching situation in Washington suggests that Ron Rivera’s team will come out firing. With job security looming large and the possibility of coaching changes in the future, expect aggressive play-calling, making Howell and his offense even more appealing.

  • Ravens and Los Angeles Chargers – Teams to Watch: Both teams will be under the microscope in Week 1. With the Chargers under offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, it’ll be interesting to see how the offensive dynamics change. If Justin Herbert starts launching deep passes and Austin Ekeler’s role is minimized, it might signal a significant shift in the Chargers’ approach.

Final Verdict

Jackson’s DFS prospects, especially from a betting perspective, are brighter than ever in Week 1. His undeniable talent, coupled with a promising set of offensive weapons, places him as the top fantasy play this week. The Ravens’ game will undoubtedly be a spectacle, and if you’re looking for a winning bet, Jackson and his teammates might just be your winning ticket.

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