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NFL · 11 days ago

Lions’ Backfield Shake-Up: Who Steps Up with Montgomery Out?



Lions’ Backfield Shake-Up: Who Steps Up with Montgomery Out?

David Montgomery might be sidelined for a while, creating a potential vacuum in the Detroit Lions‘ backfield. The Lions’ head coach, Dan Campbell, said Montgomery could be out for a week or two. With Montgomery out, who will step up and fill the void?

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While it seems enticing to assume it’s Jahmyr Gibbs’s moment to shine, Campbell has preferred a committee approach, typically rotating between two to three running backs. This pattern prompts the question: Does Craig Reynolds return to the limelight?

When handed the ball, Reynolds has had his moments, providing a productive output. Given his history and the current situation, there’s no denying he’s a favorite. Furthermore, the Lions boast an excellent offensive line, even though they have recently faced a slew of injuries. Taylor Decker, for instance, did not play Week 2 due to an injury, emphasizing the need to keep the O-line healthy. They’re essential for the running game, particularly as they’re regarded as one of the best run-blocking units when they play together.

Given these circumstances, it’s anticipated that Reynolds will receive a substantial amount of the ball. The Lions are unlikely to place the entire weight on Gibbs, especially in these early stages of the season. As they grow accustomed to Gibbs’s presence on the field, we might witness him taking up a more substantial role. However, for now, it appears Reynolds will play an integral part in the team’s strategy.

Regarding receiving options, the Lions are showcasing a broader range of talent than initially expected. Kalif Raymond and Josh Reynolds have had their breakout moments this season, proving that the Lions aren’t just relying on two or three key players.

This week presents a promising matchup against the Atlanta Falcons, providing a golden opportunity for the Lions’ running game and the entire offense, especially at home.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights into the NFL season!

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