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MLB · 5 months ago

Matt Mervis: Chicago Cubs’ Slugging 1st Baseman Shakes Up MLB Betting Landscape



Matt Mervis: Chicago Cubs’ Slugging 1st Baseman Shakes Up MLB Betting Landscape

The young powerhouse’s arrival could fast-track the Cubs’ retooling process and create intriguing betting opportunities

Matt Mervis: Chicago Cubs’ Power-Hitting Prospect on the Rise

Matt Mervis, the slugging first baseman for the Chicago Cubs, is set to make his mark in the Windy City. After an impressive AAA season with 91 at-bats, 27 runs, 26 hits, six homers, and 27 RBIs, hitting .286 with a .402 OBP and a .962 OPS, Mervis has proven he has the power to invigorate the Cubs’ lineup. Although some strikeouts may accompany his powerful swing, the Wrigley Field ballpark factor is expected to work in his favor.

Daily First Base Play and Hosmer’s Legacy

Mervis is anticipated to become the Cubs’ everyday first baseman, with Eric Hosmer being the only previous obstacle. While Hosmer remains a solid defensive player, he never quite lived up to his hitting potential, as many MLB scouts had hoped. In contrast, Mervis exhibits the quintessential traits of a slugging first baseman – someone capable of 30-35 home run seasons for the Cubs in the future.

Accelerating the Chicago Cubs’ Retooling Phase

Mervis’ arrival in Chicago could signal a quicker-than-anticipated retooling for the Cubs. Although the team still requires significant support in the pitching department, with a lack of homegrown talent since the Kerry Wood and Mark Prior era, Mervis’ presence alongside a rejuvenated Cody Bellinger makes the Cubs an interesting team to watch in 2023 and beyond.

Betting Opportunities: Chicago Cubs as a 2023 Dark Horse?

With Matt Mervis and Cody Bellinger’s combined potential, the Chicago Cubs might emerge as a dark horse in the 2023 MLB season. As the team continues to address their pitching needs, betting enthusiasts should keep an eye on the Cubs’ progress and be prepared to capitalize on their potential resurgence. The addition of Mervis could shake up the MLB betting landscape, making the Chicago Cubs a team to watch for exciting betting prospects in the near future.

Chicago Cubs Futures Odds from FanDuel Sportsbook

To Make Playoffs: +200

NL Central: +400

National League: +2500

World Series: +6000