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NFL · 2 months ago

McCaffrey or Hurts: Who Will Lead NFL in Rushing Touchdowns?



McCaffrey or Hurts: Who Will Lead NFL in Rushing Touchdowns?

In the ongoing battle for rushing touchdown supremacy, two names currently dominate the conversation: Jalen Hurts and Christian McCaffrey. Both are now tied as co-favorites with odds at +950. While Raheem Mostert made waves with his remarkable four scores on Sunday for the Miami Dolphins, it’s the strategies of the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers that are capturing the most attention.

Hurts’s name on this leaderboard is an anomaly. Quarterbacks, traditionally, aren’t supposed to come anywhere near the league leaders in rushing touchdowns. Their forte is, naturally, passing. Yet here we are. It’s a testament to the changing dynamics of the game.

There’s been significant debate around the “push” tactic – where teams push the quarterback closer to the end zone during short-yardage situations. When the Eagles get to the one-yard line, it’s almost guaranteed that Hurts will find the end zone, thanks to this controversial strategy. Critics argue it’s unfair, but it’s a tactic available to every team, making it hard to label as illegal.

The question then arises: Are the Eagles using this strategy to make a point? With national commentators constantly berating the “push” move, perhaps Philadelphia is on a mission to exploit this to the fullest and embarrass the NFL. Could we see Hurts notch up 25 rushing touchdowns in a season? The odds seem to be veering in that direction.

Then there’s Christian McCaffrey. McCaffrey has been nothing short of sensational playing for the San Francisco 49ers this season. Kyle Shanahan seems to have abandoned his previous 50-50 split in the backfield, now favoring McCaffrey as his primary weapon. Three touchdowns in, and McCaffrey is already showcasing why he’s considered one of the best in the league.

Yet, McCaffrey’s history of injuries remains a concern. But when he’s in form, the 49ers are indisputably an elite team with a dominant back.

As we dissect the leaderboard, it seems apparent that the NFC’s rushing touchdown title will likely be a battle between Jalen Hurts and Christian McCaffrey. The upcoming games will undoubtedly shed more light on this exciting duel. 

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