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NFL · 20 days ago

Miami Dolphins vs. New England Patriots: Can Miami’s Machine Keep Pushing?



Miami Dolphins vs. New England Patriots: Can Miami’s Machine Keep Pushing?

As the sun sets this Sunday, the spotlight will fall on Foxborough, where two AFC East rivals, the Miami Dolphins and the New England Patriots, are set to lock horns. This prime-time NFL clash promises high-octane action, strategy, and possibly a few surprises along the way.

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The betting odds have experienced a slight shift since their opening. The Dolphins, who were initially given a 2-point edge, now stand at 2.5, with the total set at 46.5. This shift suggests growing confidence in Miami for the astute observer, especially considering their impressive performance in the previous week.

Despite this, there’s a lot to mull over for the Dolphins. They’re up against the challenges of consecutive road games, having jetted from the West Coast and now prepping for an East Coast night game. Such back-to-back travel can exert a toll on players, affecting their performance on the field.

Conversely, the Patriots are riding the wave of their solid defensive display against Jalen Hurts. Given this recent display, many expect the betting public to have renewed faith in the New England defense, especially when pitted against a team coming off a high-scoring game.

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This might be the perfect trap game. The Patriots have glaring issues, particularly on the offensive front. Labeling them “one-dimensional” might not be far off the mark. Their aerial game seems to be on life support, relying on players like Kendrick Bourne – who, despite a decent outing last week, doesn’t consistently instill fear in opposing defenses. As for Hunter Henry, his glory days in Fayetteville feel like a distant memory compared to his stints with the Chargers and, now, the Patriots.

Furthermore, New England’s ground game doesn’t inspire much confidence either. While seasoned, running backs like Rhamondre Stevenson and Ezekiel Elliott don’t exactly bring breakneck speed to the table.

It seems the odds, and perhaps the game might favor the Dolphins. Despite their storied history, New England appears to be in a period of transition and struggle. As for Sunday night, Miami might just be the team to bet on, both figuratively and literally.

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