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MLB · 13 days ago

MLB Playoff Dark Horses: Potential Sleepers to Watch



MLB Playoff Dark Horses: Potential Sleepers to Watch

As the MLB season intensifies, it’s not just the heavy hitters we must watch. Some sleeper teams in the American and National League might surprise everyone. Who are they?

Look at the dark horse contenders that could create some playoff magic.

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American League:

  1. Minnesota Twins: Sitting at number three in our power rankings, the Twins are a team to reckon with. Their secured spot at home for round one could be a game-changer. Winning a series or two might be in the cards for them, and with momentum on their side, they could ride it even further.

  2. Seattle Mariners: With young, promising starting pitchers and a solid bullpen, the Mariners can’t be overlooked. Players like Julio Rodriguez could single-handedly turn the tide in a series if in form.

  3. Tampa Bay Rays: They have the experience and the pedigree. Even with injuries plaguing their pitchers and some star players sidelined, their comfort in the playoff atmosphere makes them a genuine threat.

National League:

  1. Miami Marlins: Currently on the bubble, they might not even make the playoffs. But if they do, the Marlins’ reworked lineup post-trade deadline and their strong starting pitchers, possibly with the return of Sandy Alcantara, make them a team to be wary of.

  2. Milwaukee Brewers: In playoffs, pitching is king, and arguably, the Brewers have the National League’s best. The only thing they need is consistency in their batting lineup. If they find that rhythm, their strong bullpen will complement their chances further.

  3. Philadelphia Phillies: Recalling last year, they got hot in the playoffs and advanced deep. This year, they could be the main threat to the Braves. If they face off in round two, it could be a rematch of epic proportions. Last year, despite being the underdogs, the Phillies took out the Braves riding on a wave of momentum.

While many might have their eyes on the top-performing teams, it would be a mistake to underestimate the potential of these dark horses. The Rays in the American League and the Phillies in the National League are poised to stir things up.

Watching the odds on these teams could offer intriguing opportunities for those into betting.

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