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MLB · 5 months ago

MLB World Series Odds Power Rankings: Dodgers Surging, Mets Dropping

Zachary Cook

Zachary Cook

MLB World Series Odds Power Rankings: Dodgers Surging, Mets Dropping

Multiple MLB teams are off to great starts, with the Los Angeles Dodgers surging up the World Series odds rankings and back into contender status.

Below are FanDuel Sportsbook’s top ten favorites to win it all.

1. Atlanta Braves +500 (Last Week: +500)

Getting swept by the Toronto Blue Jays over the weekend didn’t impact the Atlanta Braves World Series odds. The Braves continue to boast +500 odds, holding as the current favorite. 

2. Los Angeles Dodgers +650 (Last Week: +700)

If you’re trying to find the hottest team in the big leagues, look no further than the Los Angeles Dodgers. They swept the San Diego Padres over the weekend and have won five in a row. Their World Series odds leveled up from +700 to +650. 

3. (Tie) Tampa Bay Rays +700 (Last Week: +700)

The Tampa Bay Rays have a mediocre 5-5 record over their last ten games, but their overall record of 31-11 is impressive. The Rays are +700 to win the Fall Classic. 

3. (Tie) Houston Astros +700 (Last Week: +650) 

It hasn’t been a horrible start for the defending World Series champs, but more consistency would be nice. The Astros have seen their odds to repeat take a slight hit over the last week, dropping from +650 to +700. 

5. San Diego Padres +1000 (Last Week: +1100)

Despite losing five straight games, including being swept by the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Padres saw their World Series odds rise from +1100 to +1000.

6. Toronto Blue Jays +1100 (Last Week: +1200)

An impressive weekend sweep over the World Series favorite Braves put the rest of the baseball world on notice. The Blue Jays have seen their World Series odds bet down from +1200 to +1100. 

7. New York Yankees +1500 (Last Week: +1300)

There have been signs that the New York Yankees are getting out of their early season “funk.” They have a 23-19 record, but more is expected from the AL East favorites. The Bronx Bombers have seen their World Series odds drop from +1300 to +1500. 

8. New York Mets +1700 (Last Week: +1500)

What is going on with the New York Mets? A 20-21 record is unacceptable with the talent on this roster. The Mets sit at 4-6 through their last ten games and have seen their World Series odds fall from +1500 to +1700. 

9. Minnesota Twins +1800 (Last Week: +2000)

It hasn’t been a perfect start for the Minnesota Twins, but they find themselves on top of the AL Central at 23-18. A 6-4 record over their last ten games has led their World Series odds to rise from +2000 to +1800. 

10. Milwaukee Brewers +2200 (Last Week: +2000)

Things haven’t been going smoothly for the Milwaukee Brewers, but they are coming off an impressive three straight wins, even if it was against the lackluster Kansas City Royals. The Brew Crew’s World Series odds dropped from +2000 to +2200. 

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World Series Odds from FanDuel Sportsbook

Team Current Odds
Atlanta Braves 500
Los Angeles Dodgers 650
Tampa Bay Rays 700
Houston Astros 700
San Diego Padres 1000
Toronto Blue Jays 1100
New York Yankees 1500
New York Mets 1700
Minnesota Twins 1800
Milwaukee Brewers 2200
Philadelphia Phillies 2400
Los Angeles Angels 2600
Texas Rangers 3000
Seattle Mariners 3000
St. Louis Cardinals 4500
Cleveland Guardians 5500
San Francisco Giants 6000
Boston Red Sox 6000
Chicago Cubs 6000
Baltimore Orioles 7000
Pittsburgh Pirates 10000
Arizona Diamondbacks 10000
Miami Marlins 15000
Chicago White Sox 15000
Cincinnati Reds 50000
Kansas City Royals 50000
Detroit Tigers 50000
Colorado Rockies 100000
Washington Nationals 100000
Oakland Athletics 100000