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NBA · 5 months ago

NBA Playoffs: LA Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors Gm 2 Same Game Parlay Picks



NBA Playoffs: LA Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors Gm 2 Same Game Parlay Picks

Alright, folks, it’s time to dive into tonight’s NBA action with a same game parlay that’s sure to have you on the edge of your seat. After a bit of a letdown yesterday (thanks, Jayson Tatum), we’re looking to bounce back with four legs that have our excitement levels through the roof.

Leg 1: Draymond Green’s Assist Game

First up, we’ve got Draymond Green going for six assists. He seems to hit this mark in almost every game he plays, so we’re feeling pretty confident about this one.

Leg 2: Draymond’s Rebound Rumble

Next, we’re banking on Draymond grabbing at least four rebounds. We should be golden as long as Kevon Looney doesn’t snatch 37 of them tonight.

Leg 3: Klay Thompson’s Scoring Spree

We’re also counting on Klay Thompson to go off tonight, especially from three-point range. We’re taking him to score 20 points or more in this matchup.

Leg 4: Austin Reaves’ Three-Point Streak

Finally, we’ve got Austin Reaves, who seems to have made a three-pointer in every game since the sixth grade. We’re betting that he’ll continue that streak tonight.

At +135 odds, this four-leg parlay is looking mighty tempting. If it hits, we’ll be celebrating in style.

A Defensive Same Game Parlay Alternative

If you’re feeling more defensive-minded, we’ve got another same game parlay for you. This one focuses on LeBron James and Draymond Green making some critical defensive plays:

  • LeBron: 1+ steal (has done it in 5 of 7 postseason games)
  • LeBron: 1+ block (has done it in 5 of 7 postseason games)
  • Draymond: 1+ steal (has done it in all seven postseason games)
  • Draymond: 1+ block (has done it in 6 of 7 postseason games)

This defensive parlay comes in at +281 odds, giving you another enticing option for tonight’s game.

Ready, Set, Parlay!

With both offensive and defensive parlays on the table, we’ve got all bases covered for tonight’s NBA showdown. Whether you’re chasing buckets or blocks, these same game parlays have got you covered. Let’s hope for some big wins to cap off an exciting night of basketball action!