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NFL · 2 months ago

New York Jets-Jersey Shore Drama: When WAGs Clash with Reality TV Stars



New York Jets-Jersey Shore Drama: When WAGs Clash with Reality TV Stars

In a surprising twist off the NFL football field, drama seems to have found its way into the lives of some associated with the New York Jets.

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Alexis Bawden, wife of Jets player Nick Bawden, recently took to TikTok to share an intriguing tale. Alexis narrated a story about a direct message her husband received from Angelina, one of the stars of the famed reality show Jersey Shore. The message simply read, “See you soon.” Such a vague message is open to myriad interpretations, leading to quite a stir.

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The plot thickened when she received a DM from Angelina following the viral reaction to Alexis’s TikTok. Interestingly, Alexis has been referring to Angelina as “Angela,” a minor yet noticeable slip throughout the situation. No, not that Jersey Shore castmate Mike Sorrentino, Situation.



Angelina’s message clarified she wasn’t present at the football field. She did acknowledge sending the DM to Nick, asserting it was merely a gesture of support. This brings up the question: why would Nick care about her presence in the first place? And, in the grand scheme of things, does it matter?

Angelina responded on her own turf – Instagram. She posted a statement that some fans found a tad puzzling. It read: “If you ever thought you wanted to be a WAG, think again.”

As this saga unfolds, it serves as a reminder that the drama isn’t restricted to the gridiron in the world of the NFL. When the lives of football players, their significant others, and reality TV stars intertwine, expect a spectacle worthy of prime-time viewing. As they say, the ball is now in the court of the fans and followers, eagerly waiting for the next play.

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