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NFL · 22 days ago

New York Jets Poised for Playoff Push with Significant Rest Advantage



New York Jets Poised for Playoff Push with Significant Rest Advantage

The New York Jets may have found a secret weapon for the 2023 NFL season, and it’s not a new draft pick or free-agent signing. It’s rest. And not just any rest, but a net rest edge that tops the NFL charts. Historically, this metric has been a significant predictor of season success and playoff probability.

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One of the critical factors in football, beyond talent and game strategy, is recovery. A well-rested team often has the advantage over a team coming off a short week, especially in the grueling 18-week NFL season. The Jets not only lead the league in this category but also have a marked advantage in their division, the AFC East.

In Week 11, the Jets face off against the Buffalo Bills. What’s notable here is that the Bills will be coming off a Monday night game. This gives the Jets an edge, with the Bills having one day less rest.



Fast forward to Week 15, and the situation repeats, albeit against a different foe. The Jets square up against the Miami Dolphins, who would be recovering from their own Monday night clash. Once again, this translates to the Dolphins being on the back foot with one day less rest.

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And it doesn’t end there. Week 18 presents another tantalizing scenario. The Jets play the New England Patriots, and due to the Jets playing on Thursday night football the week before, they have three more days to rest, recuperate, and prepare for the Pats.

Perhaps the icing on the cake for the Jets is the unique Black Friday game. The Jets have a home advantage against the Miami Dolphins. With the Dolphins traveling to New York on a short week, it’s undeniably a challenging situation for Miami.

Betting odds seem to favor teams with better rest schedules, a fact not lost on gamblers and analysts alike. With these distinct edges in their schedule, the New York Jets are well-positioned for a playoff push and, perhaps, a deep run into the postseason. These advantages will undoubtedly accumulate, giving the Jets the upper hand in crucial divisional matchups. One thing’s for sure: AFC East clashes promise to be nothing short of electrifying this season!

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