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NFL · 3 months ago

NFC West Win Totals: Could Be a Long, Long Year in LA



NFC West Win Totals: Could Be a Long, Long Year in LA

For those who had high hopes by drafting Cooper Kupp in their fantasy league or if you’re a staunch LA Rams supporter, brace yourself – it seems like it’s going to be a tumultuous ride this NFL season.

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The air in the city turned heavy when news broke that Cooper Kupp is grappling with a hamstring issue, leaving him in the precarious day-to-day category. Kupp is a huge factor for LA as we dissect the Rams’ prospects for the upcoming season.

Now, taking a peek at the Rams’ win total, it’s set at 6.5. If you’re looking to place a bet, you’d need to lay down -134 for the under on FanDuel. And that’s precisely the direction we’re leaning toward, especially given the recent update on Kupp.

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Let’s not forget last season was a train wreck for the Rams in terms of injuries, leaving them to scrape up only five wins. Granted, Sean McVay is an exemplary figure on the sidelines, but there’s yet to be a significant revamp on the offensive line. This makes it hard to believe that Matthew Stafford will find that extra second or two he so desperately needs in the pocket.

A deep dive into last season’s stats reveals an unsettling figure – their adjusted sack ratio stood at 10.6%, ranking them second-worst in the league. This isn’t just a number; it’s a red flag. Expect Stafford to be on the turf more often than not and for the defense to be caught on the back foot on numerous occasions.

Look for the Rams win total to dip under 6.5 at -134. Prepare for some gridiron turbulence in LA this season!

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