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NFL · 14 days ago

NFL MVP Betting Trends: Tua Tagovailoa Making Moves



NFL MVP Betting Trends: Tua Tagovailoa Making Moves

The race for the NFL MVP award is already heating up with Week 1 in the books, and the betting markets are responding in kind. Each week, fans and punters eagerly await shifts in the odds. Here’s a breakdown of the top contenders and their journey in the betting circuit.

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NFL MVP Insights

  • Highest Ticket%: Jalen Hurts 17.4%
  • Highest Handle%: Jalen Hurts 17.4%
  • Biggest Liability: Jalen Hurts
  • Odds Leader: Patrick Mahomes +600

Jalen Hurts
Opening Odds: +1000
In just a few weeks, Jalen Hurts has caught the eye of many with his stellar performances. While the Philadelphia Eagles pivot started at odds of +1000, they slightly dipped to +1100 last week. However, a resurgence this week has brought him to a promising +900. Notably, he’s leading both in Ticket% and Handle%, each at a whopping 17.4%.

Patrick Mahomes
Opening Odds: +650
The former MVP, Patrick Mahomes, remains a favorite. While his opening odds were pegged at +650, they’ve held steady at +600 for the past two weeks. With a Ticket% of 9.4 and a Handle% of 14.9, bettors still believe in Mahomes’ magic. The Kansas City Chiefs QB clearly has some smart money behind him early in the season.

Joe Burrow
Opening Odds: +650
Joe Burrow started on the same footing as Mahomes but faced a rise to +700 last week. Surprisingly, this week sees him at a +1000. Even with this shift, the Cincinnati Bengals gunslinger maintains an 8.8% ticket and 8.9% handle.

Lamar Jackson
Opening Odds: 1600
Lamar Jackson, known for his dynamic playstyle, began at a distant +1600. However, his consistent performances have seen his odds improve to +1400 for the last two weeks. The Baltimore Ravens quarterback’s Ticket% stands at 8.5% and Handle% at 9.0%.

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Trevor Lawrence
Opening Odds: +1400
Trevor Lawrence has seen some fluctuation. Starting at +1400, his odds lengthened to +1600 last week but returned to +1400 this week. With a 7.5% ticket share and a 6.4% handle, intrigue surrounds the Jacksonville Jaguars signal caller’s candidacy.

Justin Herbert
Opening Odds: +900
Herbert has also experienced a mini roller-coaster in the betting market. Opening at +900, then jumping to +1100, he’s now settled at +1000. The LA Chargers man under center’s Ticket% is at 4.3%, and the Handle% is slightly higher at 6.0%.

Josh Allen
Opening Odds: +650
Josh Allen started strong at +650 but has since seen a consistent increase, now standing at +900 after a poor showing on Monday Night Football. With a ticket percentage of 3.7 and a handle of 6.2, it’s evident that there’s still faith in the Buffalo Bills quarterback.

Tua Tagovailoa
Opening Odds: 1000
The journey for Tua has been nothing short of dramatic. From an opening of +1000 to a peak of +1800 last week, the Miami Dolphins QB made a significant leap to +700 after a great opening week. Although his Ticket% is 2.2% and Handle% is 2.3%, this sudden shift indicates an interesting trend.

The MVP race, as always, remains unpredictable. But as teams position themselves for the latter half of the season, expect these odds to keep changing. Stay tuned, and may the best man win!

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