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NFL · 18 days ago

NFL Sunday Night Football 2023: Ratings and Expectations



NFL Sunday Night Football 2023: Ratings and Expectations

When it comes to the world of the NFL, few things command our attention like Sunday Night Football. This iconic event consistently dominates TV ratings yearly, often outshining even the most-watched primetime series. This year, the energy surrounding Sunday Night Football promises to be electric as the New York Giants play host to the Dallas Cowboys at the renowned MetLife Stadium.

The Post-Pandemic Era and Ratings Surge

In contrast to the pandemic year and the subsequent comeback seasons, 2023 is poised for a ratings spike. Predictions suggest an increase of about 7 to 8% from previous years, and this surge is hardly without reason. The relentless promotion surrounding these matches plays a crucial role in this hike. Platforms like NBC Peacock have been unceasing in their efforts, beginning their promotional campaigns as early as April.

If you’ve been tuned into any of the major networks or streaming platforms, you’d have noticed the rhythmic barrage of promotions every Tuesday and Wednesday. As Sunday approaches, expect this promotional tempo to hit major heights. 

The Power of Matchups and the Flex Schedule

One of the NFL’s masterstrokes is understanding the importance of matchups. Sunday Night Football’s appeal often hinges on the teams that are playing, and the league ensures that the biggest and best matchups are showcased. Factor in the flex schedule, which allows the league to alter game timings to ensure that the most appealing matchups are played during primetime slots, and you have a recipe for ratings gold.

Kickstarting the season with a game in the massive New York media market is no accident. The Cowboys-Giants rivalry is storied, and with both teams boasting large, passionate fan bases, there’s no doubt this game will be a spectacle.

The Marquee Week Continues

If Sunday night isn’t enough, the NFL has your week covered. With marquee matchups reserved for Sundays, Thursday nights, and Monday nights, there’s a football feast awaiting fans. This approach ensures that the momentum from Sunday carries through the week, keeping fans hooked.

As we gear up for the Giants vs. Cowboys clash on Sunday night, it’s evident that the NFL has left no stone unturned in maximizing viewer engagement. 

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