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NFL · 21 days ago

NFL Week 1 Wide Receiver Roundup: DFS Goldmine



NFL Week 1 Wide Receiver Roundup: DFS Goldmine

The Wide Receiver Quandary

Many fantasy players might be biting their nails after the early draft picks on receivers like Cooper Kupp. Fear not! Week 1 offers a bevy of choices to steady your lineup and potentially rake in some DFS points.

Carolina Panthers Receiver Injuries Pose Challenge Against Falcons

The Premium Wide Receiver Picks

  1. Tyreek Hill: The undeniable pick of the week. Priced at $8,800 on FanDuel and $8,200 on DK, Hill is almost a no-brainer. With 170 targets last season, he’s a certified workhorse. His dynamism and unmatched pace on the field make him a priority.

  2. Justin Jefferson: Another top-tier wide receiver to consider. Although stacking both Hill and Jefferson might be a tall order, either provides a great anchor for your fantasy lineup.

  3. Keenan Allen: A consistent performer for the Chargers, Allen, priced at $8K on FanDuel and $7,300 on DraftKings, is a solid bet. Pair him with QB Justin Herbert for optimal results.

The Game-Changer: Calvin Ridley

The Falcons’ Calvin Ridley is an intriguing prospect this week, especially given his rapport with new quarterback Trevor Lawrence. With a friendly price of $7K on FanDuel and $6,500 on DK, Ridley presents significant upside. His performance in the training camp signals a potential big game on the horizon.

Conclusion: Making the Right Moves

While the allure of shiny new picks can often derail fantasy players, sticking to proven performers is the key to DFS success. This week’s wide receiver roundup offers a blend of tried and tested talent. Remember, in fantasy football, consistency is king. Secure your lineup, enjoy the games, and may the fantasy odds be ever in your favor!

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