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NFL · 25 days ago

NFL Week 10 DFS: Cowboys’ Tony Pollard is a Top RB Pick



NFL Week 10 DFS: Cowboys’ Tony Pollard is a Top RB Pick

In the realm of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), Dallas Cowboys’ Tony Pollard emerges as a savvy pick for fantasy football enthusiasts. Given his lower salary on platforms like FanDuel and DraftKings, Pollard offers significant salary relief, allowing for more flexible and diversified lineup construction. Priced at $7,800 on FanDuel and $7,300 on DraftKings, he represents a valuable asset in crafting winning DFS strategies.

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The Defense Against Factor: Analyzing Pollard’s Potential

Pollard’s potential against various defenses is a critical factor in DFS decision-making. The Cowboys’ upcoming matchup against the New York Giants, a team currently struggling with injuries and performance issues, positions Pollard as a potentially high-impact player. His ability to exploit weaknesses in the Giants’ defense could be key to both his performance and the Cowboys’ success.

The Value Proposition: Can Pollard Deliver 3X Value?

A common metric in DFS is seeking players who can deliver three times their value in points. For Pollard, this translates to a target of 21-24 points in the game against the Giants. While achievable, this raises the question of game dynamics and how they might influence his scoring potential.

Game Dynamics: Balancing Early Volume with Game Progression

One aspect to consider is how the Cowboys manage their lead in a game, especially if they gain an early advantage. If Dallas secures a comfortable lead, they might reduce Pollard’s workload to conserve his energy or give opportunities to other players like Rico Dowdle. This strategy could impact Pollard’s total volume and, consequently, his DFS output.

The Total Push Factor: Evaluating Game Scenarios

The total points expected in the game also play a crucial role in assessing Pollard’s value. A high-scoring game could necessitate more involvement from Pollard, increasing his chances of hitting the desired 3X value. However, a game where the Cowboys lead comfortably might see a shift in strategy, possibly reducing Pollard’s role in the later stages.

Betting Implications: Weighing Pollard’s Price Point

From a betting perspective, the decision to invest in Pollard hinges on balancing his cost against the expected game flow and his potential output. Given the current scenario, with the Giants struggling and the Cowboys likely to dominate, Pollard’s early-game performance will be crucial. Bettors and DFS players must weigh the likelihood of Dallas easing off in the later stages of the game, which could impact Pollard’s overall contribution and fantasy points.

In conclusion, Tony Pollard’s role in the upcoming game against the Giants presents both opportunities and challenges for DFS players and bettors. His ability to deliver value depends on various factors, including the Cowboys’ game management and the dynamics of the matchup. As such, he remains an intriguing, albeit slightly risky, choice for those looking to maximize their DFS lineups and betting strategies.

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