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NFL · 18 days ago

NFL Week 11 Most Bet Games, Teams and Totals: Steelers Shine



NFL Week 11 Most Bet Games, Teams and Totals: Steelers Shine

The NFL  betting landscape is buzzing with activity as fans and bettors gear up for an action-packed weekend. Let’s dive into the current trends, focusing on the most bet games, teams, and totals based on tickets and handle at BetMGM Sportsbook

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Most Bet Games (Tickets)

The Steelers-Browns matchup is drawing significant attention, with bettors eagerly placing their bets on this heated AFC North contest. The Bears-Lions game follows closely, indicating high interest in this divisional rivalry, as Justin Fields makes his return to the field. The Cowboys-Panthers showdown completes the top three, showcasing the star power of America’s Team.

Most Bet Teams ATS (Tickets)

When it comes to individual team betting, the Steelers +1 over Cleveland leads the pack, showing confidence in their narrow margin against the spread. Lions -7.5 stands out next, suggesting that bettors expect a statement game for Detroit against their division rival. The Cowboys -10.5 is also seeing a lot of action, with bettors seemingly convinced of their ability to cover a substantial spread after pounding the New York Giants last week.

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Most Bet Teams ATS (Handle)

Regarding the betting handle, Steelers +1 continues to dominate, indicating a large sum of money backing them over the Browns. Lions -7.5 remains a favorite among the high rollers, and the Chiefs -2.5 emerge as a strong contender, attracting significant monetary bets to beat the Philadelphia Eagles by at least a field goal.

Most Bet Overs (Tickets)

For total betting, the Cardinals-Texans game leads the pack with an over/under of 48.5 points. Seahawks-Rams at 46.5 points follows, showing bettors’ expectations for a high-scoring affair. The Buccaneers-49ers game, with a total set at 41.5, also sees a lot of action on the over, suggesting anticipation for more scoring than the line suggests.

Most Bet Unders (Tickets)

Conversely, with a low total of 33 points, the Steelers-Browns game is leading in under bets, indicating expectations of a defensive battle between a pair of teams with struggling offenses. The Eagles-Chiefs at 45.5 and Vikings-Broncos at 42.5 also see significant action on the under, reflecting bettors’ predictions of lower-scoring games.

Most Bet Underdogs to Win Outright (Tickets)

Regarding underdog bets, the Steelers at -105 is a popular choice to win outright, showing bettors’ belief in their upset potential in this game, which is essentially a pick ’em. The Eagles +120 and Vikings +115 are also heavily backed to triumph against the odds, highlighting their perceived value as underdogs.

As the games approach, these betting trends provide a fascinating glimpse into the minds of NFL bettors, revealing where confidence and money are being placed. Whether these predictions pay off remains to be seen, but the excitement and anticipation are undoubtedly at a fever pitch.

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