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NFL · 17 days ago

NFL Week 2 Player Props: 4 Quarterbacks in 4 Games

Joe Cervenka

Joe Cervenka

NFL Week 2 Player Props: 4 Quarterbacks in 4 Games

This week’s NFL matchups bring in a slew of fascinating prop bets, mainly focusing on the quarterbacks’ performances. Whether it’s Joe Burrow‘s anticipated bounce-back or Dak Prescott‘s potential underwhelming display against the Jets, these are the bets worth considering.

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Joe Burrow vs. Ravens: Aerial Resurgence?

Fresh from an underwhelming outing of under 100 yards against the Cleveland Browns, Joe Burrow now squares off against a team he’s historically excelled against – the Ravens. Early this morning, Burrow’s line sat at 263 yards; it’s since risen to 266.5. While Burrow is due for a significant improvement from last week’s debacle in Cleveland, the Ravens defense is no slouch. He should land between 263 and 266, making this a close but valuable prop.

Jimmy G vs. Bills: Underwhelming in Buffalo?

Jimmy Garoppolo‘s line stands at 231.5 yards against the indomitable Buffalo Bills. Reflecting on his less-than-stellar performance against the Broncos, where he failed to touch this mark despite clinching a win, there’s reason to be pessimistic. If the Bills pull ahead, expect them to control the clock and limit Jimmy G’s time on the field. An under 231.5 yards for Garoppolo looks solid, especially when considering the Bills’ potency at home. This could be a long afternoon for the Las Vegas Raiders signal-caller.

Dak Prescott vs. Jets: Stifling Defense Ahead

Fresh from a 140-yard game against the New York Giants, Dak Prescott faces a formidable Jets defense. Though the Giants’ game was an anomaly, and Dak sat out in the fourth, the Jets’ defense remains a force to be reckoned with. With a line at 214.5, this looks to be another under, echoing the sentiment that while the Cowboys might clinch the win, it’ll be a grind. Dispel any illusions of Dallas recreating their 40-point spectacle against the Giants; the Jets’ defense is primed and ready.

Tua Tagovailoa vs. Patriots: Riding High

Rounding off our quarterback props, we have Tua Tagovailoa with Miami set to light up Foxborough on Sunday night. Fresh from a staggering 466-yard game, he’s not anticipated to replicate such figures. However, the line stands at a promising 264.5. While he might not cross 400, a 366-yard game seems plausible. With the odds set, taking the over for Tua is a tempting prospect.

While the quarterbacks will surely be the stars to watch this weekend, it’s essential to keep in mind the defenses they’re up against and the dynamics of each game. Betting smart is all about understanding the matchups and the potential game scripts. The above props should be a sturdy guide for the upcoming NFL weekend.

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