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NFL · 11 days ago

NFL Week 2 Player Props: 4 Running Backs from 4 Games



NFL Week 2 Player Props: 4 Running Backs from 4 Games

When it comes to player props, the NFL‘s rush yards provide a fascinating lens for both the casual bettor and the stat-obsessed fan. Here’s a comprehensive look at some of the most promising picks for the upcoming games.

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Lamar Jackson Over 50 Rushing Yards – Ravens vs. Bengals

Anticipate Lamar Jackson to break free for over 50 yards on the ground against the Cincinnati Bengals. Cincinnati’s defense hasn’t been up to par so far, and Lamar’s dual-threat capabilities seem poised to exploit that. He’s a playmaker, and given Cincinnati’s recent form, it looks like a prime opportunity for him.

Bijan Robinson Over 54.5 Rushing Yards – Packers vs. Falcons

Robinson, after garnering 56 yards against Carolina, seems all set to best his previous week’s performance. The betting line has been adjusted slightly to 55 yards, but the overarching sentiment remains: Robinson could have another influential game. However, skepticism looms. The Packers flaunt a strong defensive front, making this prop a tightrope to walk on. It’s worth noting Green Bay’s defense against the Bears was stout, making any significant rushing yards hard to come by.

Derrick Henry Over 85.5 Rushing Yards – Saints vs. Titans 

The Titans, following a slight hiccup in New Orleans, appear to have recognized their strength: handing the ball to Derrick Henry. Last week, every time he was fed the ball, he churned out significant yardage. However, the possible absence of DeAndre Hopkins could be a concern. If Tennessee is to stand a chance, its strategy needs to revolve around ‘The King.’ Henry’s success on the ground can pave the way for an efficient passing game. 

Rhamondre Stevenson Over 50.5 Rushing Yards – Dolphins vs. Patriots 

The Dolphins seemed porous in rush defense last week. Both Austin Ekeler and Joshua Kelley found spaces to exploit, marking a potential red flag for Miami. Given this backdrop, Stevenson seems primed for a good day on the turf. With Coach Belichick’s penchant for strategic rushing, Stevenson might be entrusted with a hefty workload against Miami. An over of 50.5 yards seems achievable for the New England rusher.

NFL weekends are full of surprises, making betting props a thrilling endeavor. Whether you’re rooting for a particular team or just in for the thrill of the game, these insights could be the guiding star for your bets. As the old saying goes, sometimes the best offense is a good rush! Let’s see which of these players breaks free this weekend.

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