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NFL · 2 months ago

NFL Winless Wonders: Which 0-2 Teams can Still Make the Playoffs?



NFL Winless Wonders: Which 0-2 Teams can Still Make the Playoffs?

When the NFL season starts with a pair of losses, fans can be quick to write off their team’s postseason dreams. But history has provided some solace: In seven of the last 10 seasons, a group that began 0-2 has managed to reach the playoffs. So, as we gaze upon the winless ranks of the LA Chargers, Cincinnati Bengals, and Minnesota Vikings, the big question looms: Which of these squads can defy the odds?

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Last season, the Vikings eked out several close victories, but their current circumstances look less promising. A beleaguered offensive line and a defense riddled with issues don’t paint a picture of a playoff-bound team.

Over in Cincinnati, the Bengals have their own challenges. While Joe Burrow is undoubtedly a talent, his calf injury looms large. Until he’s operating at full capacity, it’s hard to envision the Bengals overtaking teams like the Baltimore Ravens in their division. The AFC’s playoff landscape is crowded and competitive, leaving little room for error.



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Yet, there’s a silver lining in Los Angeles. Though skepticism surrounds head coach Brandon Staley, faith remains intact when it comes to quarterback Justin Herbert. The Chargers boast a talent-laden roster that seems equipped to navigate coaching hiccups. The forecast? The Bolts have a good shot at securing a postseason berth.

As the season progresses, the true mettle of these winless teams will be tested. Only time will reveal which, if any, can rise from the early setbacks to playoff prominence.

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