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NHL · 9 months ago

NHL President’s Trophy Odds Power Rankings: Bruins Big Favorite

Zachary Cook

Zachary Cook

NHL President’s Trophy Odds Power Rankings: Bruins Big Favorite

The Boston Bruins are out to a sizable lead with the most points in the NHL, but there are other teams in the running for the President’s Trophy.

Below are the top ten favorites to win the President’s Trophy from the FanDuel Sportsbook.

1. Boston Bruins (-600) (91 Points)

The Boston Bruins have continued their historic pace and will be difficult to unseat as the team with the most points in the league. The B’s are currently -600 favorites to win the President’s Trophy. 

2. Carolina Hurricanes (+550) (82 Points)

It’s been a positive year for the Carolina Hurricanes as they remain the Bruins’ most significant threat. Still, they’re a long shot at +550. The Metropolitan Division leaders will likely need the Bruins to have a substantial slide to cut into the deficit.

3. New Jersey Devils (+4500) (79 Points)

The New Jersey Devils are right there with the Hurricanes in the Metro, but there’s still a large discrepancy in their prices to win the President’s Trophy.

4. Tampa Bay Lightning (+21000) (73 Points)

There’s still a lot to like about the Tampa Bay Lightning, but they’ll need to go on a crazy run over their final 27 games to get in the conversation. 

5. Toronto Maple Leafs (+23000) (76 Points)

With some recent upgrades, the Toronto Maple Leafs might have a big run coming as they look to continue rising the standings. 

6. (Tie) Colorado Avalanche (+28000) (67 Points)

The defending Stanley Cup Champion Colorado Avalanche are all but out of the conversation for the President’s Trophy, sitting 24 points back of Boston.

6. (Tie) Edmonton Oilers (+28000) (68 Points)

You never want to count Connor McDavid out of anything, but it will be a challenging climb for the Edmonton Oilers to make with 25 games left. 

6. (Tie) Dallas Stars (+28000) (72 Points)

The Dallas Stars are undervalued as the Central Division leaders, but they’re still far from the Bruins, with a 19-point deficit to erase. 

6. (Tie) New York Rangers (+28000) (75 Points)

It’s a three-way race in the Metro, but oddsmakers believe the New York Rangers are a long shot to compete for the division and President’s Trophy. 

6. (Tie) Seattle Kraken (+28000) (70 Points)

It’s been a positively surprising year for the Seattle Kraken, but there’s a reason they’re listed at +28000 to win the President’s Trophy, sitting 21 points back of Boston. 

6. (Tie) Vegas Golden Knights (+28000) (72 Points)

The Vegas Golden Knights are tied atop the Western Conference, but injury concerns surround this group, making it hard to buy into them.

6. (Tie) Winnipeg Jets (+28000) (71 Points) 

It’s been a tremendous bounce-back season for the Winnipeg Jets, but they’re still a long shot to compete for the President’s Trophy.

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President’s Trophy Odds from FanDuel Sportsbook

Team Odds
Boston Bruins -600
Carolina Hurricanes 550
New Jersey Devils 4500
Tampa Bay Lightning 21000
Toronto Maple Leafs 23000
Colorado Avalanche 28000
Edmonton Oilers 28000
Dallas Stars 28000
New York Rangers 28000
Seattle Kraken 28000
Vegas Golden Knights 28000
Winnipeg Jets 28000