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NFL · 23 days ago

One Lamar Jackson Season Long Prop is Looking Good



One Lamar Jackson Season Long Prop is Looking Good

Football aficionados are eagerly anticipating the fireworks Lamar Jackson is set to unleash in the Baltimore Ravens new offensive system under Todd Monken this NFL season. There’s a strong belief that Jackson, with his incredible arm talent and agility, can bring a new dynamism to the Ravens red zone offense. Let’s dive into the specifics of why this potential uptick is on the horizon.

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Red Zone Discrepancy

In the previous season, the Ravens demonstrated an uncanny ability to drive the ball deep into enemy territory, penetrating the red zone at the fifth-highest rate in the league. However, there’s a stark contrast when we examine their touchdown conversion rate – they ranked at a dismal 30th highest rate.

This indicates that while the Ravens could make those long, breathtaking runs and passes to reach close to the end zone, they faltered when it mattered most. Such inefficiency isn’t just a matter of bad luck but also stems from predictability in play-calling. They had a noticeable tendency to pack their lineup with heavy personnel and opt for ground plays.

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A Fresh Offensive Outlook

The winds of change are blowing in Baltimore. This season, we can anticipate a shift away from their earlier playbook. The Ravens are looking to adopt the 11-personnel formation, which means they’ll spread the ball more, employ spread personnel groupings, and increase their frequency of passing plays. In simple terms, the Ravens offense will be less predictable, more versatile, and likely, more explosive.

Natural Regression and Touchdowns

Given Jackson’s innate talent, especially his proficiency in passing under pressure, a natural regression is expected in terms of his touchdown-scoring ability in the red zone on the ground. Lamar Jackson is poised to capitalize on his skills and eclipse his previous passing touchdown stats with a revamped offensive approach.

Betting Insight: For those wagering on player performance props, there’s a solid case to be made for betting on Lamar Jackson exceeding his passing touchdown prop for the upcoming season.

With Todd Monken’s innovative strategies and Lamar’s undeniable talent, the Ravens might be the team to watch out for. Those rooting for or betting on the Ravens have ample reason to be optimistic. Buckle up; it promises to be an exhilarating ride!

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