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NCAAF · 2 months ago

Oregon Dominates Colorado and Sends Message to CFB World



Oregon Dominates Colorado and Sends Message to CFB World

It’s not every day that the raw intensity and fervor of a head coach’s locker room speech gets televised. For Dan Lanning of the Oregon Ducks, it was an insight into the mindset of a team hell-bent on proving its worth. “We play for wins. They play for clicks,” Lanning bellowed. Funny enough, this clip got plenty of clicks. 

The Ducks took that message to heart, and the scoreboard reflected their dominance with a resounding 42-6 victory against Colorado. Even as a three-touchdown favorite, Oregon made a mockery of that line.

As halftime approached, the Ducks were on a rampage. The pundits, fans, and even the scoreboard had all placed a 45.5 score projection for the entire game. However, Lanning wasn’t content. Many speculated Oregon could’ve reached an astounding 70-80 point mark if they pressed on with the same momentum.

The performance from Oregon was nothing short of breathtaking. Their dominance made it seem as if they were playing against a junior varsity squad. Colorado struggled to get a grip, with Oregon players wide open and executing their game plan perfectly. While the point spread was 21.5, by the end of the match, many believed it should have been around 40.5.

Deion Sanders and his Colorado team have had a commendable start to the season, but against Oregon, they appeared outmatched. Their challenges don’t end here, as they face another formidable opponent next week in USC

However, the day was undoubtedly Oregon’s. They put the entire nation on notice, staking their claim as serious contenders for the national championship. With such a dominant display, it’s clear: watch out for the Ducks. They’re not here to play for clicks; they’re here to win it all.

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